HP Intel Quad-Core 1TB Slimline Desktop

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HP Intel Quad-Core 1TB Slimline Desktop
Price: $249.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Friday, Nov 20 to Wednesday, Nov 25) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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CPU Benchmarks

Bummer, no HDMI

Is this a deal?

pretty meh price. the j2900 is a slightly faster version of the z3775 found in tablets. If you can afford ~$410 go with an i5 like the asus m32cd on amazon, or one of the cheaper ~$300-350 i3 desktops

I think this is a better offer for $190:


The performance of the Compaq I5 above is about 50% better than today’s woot. The dedicated video card in the Compaq will be much better than the built in Intel-HD (non-upgradeable) that is in the woot HP unit.If you choose to upgrade the videocard in the Compaq you can, whereas you have no option to do so in the woot HP. To add 8GB (2x4gb) of RAM will cost about $39, if you have two open slots (which you might have) then upgrading it with 2 x 2gb sticks will be about $26.

My suggestion would be to add a 250GB SSD (now about $80) for the OS and upgrade the RAM to 8GB.

So, will this machine play games like GTA? Minecraft? Tired of the boy asking me for my laptop all the time.

Will the machine the poster above me found be better for this sort of thing?

The Compaq computer above I linked to, comes with this videocard: ATI Radeon HD 4550. This will be a definite improvement over the Intel-HD that is in the woot HP. Playing Minecraft won’t be a problem, GTA should run on lower resolutions. The thing is at least you have the option to change the videocard in the Compaq. If the card in there isn’t powerful enough, you can consider upgrading it to something like this for about $68

You can always go DVI to HDMI for under $5. That’s what I am doing.

The HP on Newegg is off lease. Where the one on Woot is at least refurbished with a 180 day warranty. i5 is great but not when it is almost a 5 year old system.

Hardware almost never goes bad before it’s obsolete with the exception of HDD. I purchase old core 2 duo MB combos off of Ebay for dirt cheap and combine them with SSD drives, and load windows onto it. I put them in cases that have old (but good) power supplies that use to run Athlon-XPs, I just use 20-24pin cable converters and molex to sata converters. If you have decent hardware to start, and assuming it hasn’t been affected by major voltage surge hardware can last pretty long.

The warranty isn’t that bad. 30 days to return for a full refund, 90 days return for replacement. For $42 you can add 1 year on site extended warranty.

Hardware can definitely go bad. That is how you get refurbished memory, CPU’s and Motherboards. I understand where you are coming from but to go through the hassle and try to build out a system better than this you might as well step up and just buy a 4th or 5th gen i5 desktop. Also the woot system is quite superior when it comes to storage and RAM. The Newegg one has 4GB 500GB where as the Woot one has 8GB and 1TB. To get the newegg one up to those specs you will at least have to spend another $60 to $80 since it comes with 1 GB x 4.

The J2900 is a quite superior CPU if you are comparing the the Z3775. The J2900 is a Pentium where as the Z3775 is a mobile CPU(Atom) which were made for Tablets. Also the Operating frequency is higher on the J2900 by quite a bit which allows increased memory bandwidth.

The sum of the parts is worth more than the whole, not necessarily system failure- that’s how you end up with refurbished parts. Really you could buy the Compaq I5 at $190, put in a 250GB SSD for $80 and not even bother upgrading the 4GB of RAM. Since the system does not share video memory (like the HP system does), all 4GB go to CPU processing. That system would come in at $270 and shred the HP system as is, in CPU processing, Graphics processing and HD performance for a mere $20 more.

You forgot to add that the Newegg one has Win 7 where this is win 10.

That’s an advantage not a disadvantage. This way the user can choose whether they want to stay with windows 7, or if they want to upgrade (for free) to windows 10. After you clone the SSD with windows 7, you could upgrade the SSD to windows 10. If you didn’t like windows 10, you could always re-clone that SSD with the original HD image of windows 7.

Geez you guys think of everything. Well, which tower should I get for my parents. Need something that will last a while and under $250. HDMI would be nice but not a necessity.

The Woot one would be better for long term since its not 5 years old.