HP Laptops

I bought the 17 inch i7, hope I don’t hate myself tomorrow.

I’m about to buy one soon! You made an excellent decision. It has 16GB!!! of Ram. That’s ridiculous and not to mention the thousand gigabytes of memory(terabyte)…This computer is amazing :smiley:

I’ve been looking for a convertible laptop/tab that can handle light productivity tasks and media creation (mostly photoshop), and the i5 Split x2 seems to be quite a perfect fit. I was worried I’d have to spend well upward of $1000 on a new Surface or a Thinkpad Yoga since there seems to be very little in the middle ground - you’re either getting a cheap Atom powered tablet with a keyboard or an overdesigned lightweight convertible laptop like the Yoga.

We’ll see how this shakes out. I’ve never purchased a factory reconditioned PC before, but HP stands by their standard 90 day warranty with this product, so it’s worth a try.

Isn’t 5400 RPM a little slow for a hard drive in this day and age?
I see 7200 RPM out there all over the place and I’m told SSD puts all of the spinning drives to shame

Sure, SSD’s put HDD’s to shame when it comes to overall performance, but each has pros/cons.

In terms of laptop, if you have the cash (which I do not), you could get a 500Gb or larger SSD for the laptop and you’d get much better and faster performance. But there is a pretty huge cost difference between an SSD and HDD, even though SSD prices are still dropping.

The ENVY 17.3 specs say no optical drive, but that sure looks like one in the picture. That and the amount of RAM seem to be the only differences between the two 17.3" i7 machines. Any others to account for the $90 price difference?

I just got an i3 Split 13 a few days ago, but as I posted in the thread for that item, I received it with the tablet-detaching switch on the keyboard broken. I’m working with HP support to get it fixed now.

Other than that disappointment, it’s pretty nice. Faster than my VivoTab ME100, although bigger & heavier.

It does have an optical drive. It was listed in the features but we booboo’d in the specs. It’s fixed now. Good catch. Thank you.

I can pretty much guarantee you, you’re going to be very disappointed in a hard drive only at 5400rpm.

Right now Tiger Direct and Newegg have great deals on SSD drives. Pick up a Samsung, at least 250gb, and install all your software.

I even saw a Tobisha 3tb hard drive on sale for 89.99 on Tiger Direct. I own two of them and they’re great. You can store all your data on the drive, while using the smaller SSD to operate your computer

the disembodied arm is kinda creepy. I didn’t have a lot of luck with the 17 inch i7 they sold in October. in fact, I had so much trouble they ended up sending me a whole new computer, and this one is GLORIOUS. so hopefully if you get one you either have better luck than I did, or as bad of luck as I did, and then you’ll have a pretty boss machine.

what about the RPMs? is there a big difference between 5400 and 7200?

The 17 has an optical drive, but the 15 doesn’t, that’s why I got the 17.

You can always buy a small, relatively inexpensive SSD for your operating system and the programs that you use most often. Then buy an inexpensive (~ $25) optical drive adapter for the 1 TB drive that comes with the laptop. You just need a small screwdriver.
The 1 TB drive replaces the optical drive, but then you end up with both the SSD (for stuff like your operating system, where speed is important) and 1 TB drive (for storage) and don’t have to buy/carry an external drive.
Here’s an example, first one I found searching (not for this specific laptop), only $10 shipped

I took the middle road for my laptop. I put a 750gb segate hybrid drive inside my HP laptop and my normal boots are below 30seconds. I’m running windows 7 ultimate and maxed the laptop out with 8gb ram (wish I could put 16 in it and add a 64gb sized ssd drive for booting but it’s not a dual drive unit. For I seen a 500gb ssd Samsung drive for under 250bucks @ newegg this morning so SSD’s are coming down in price but in the mean time, check out youtube. http://youtu.be/6iBhf8rpobo

HP replaced it?

FYI- the HP split is upgradable. You can get a larger mSata drive for the tablet (up to 500gb), upgrade the ram to 8gb, and even update the wifi card to the latest intel 7260 ac dual band card. It’s easy to do, and runs 8.1 very fast. This all goes into the tablet top portion- making for an amazing tablet.

The keyboard dock can be upgraded as well, as HP sells a hdd install kit for it if the model you get doesn’t already have one. You can install any 7mm thick laptop hdd in the base with this kit, for data/media storage. Technically, even though it is more expensive than the split itself, you could install a 1TB SSD in the base. Combine that with the tablet as upgraded above- and the split becomes one heck of road warrior- even though it is on the heavy side.

Still, no tablet I’ve read about can compete.

The criminally abusive HP3210 scanner that refused to scan anything when the intentionally defective ink cartridges dried out may have been the last straw, but the long series of HP printer scanner copiers that went bad on me were sufficient to persuade me there is no conceivable way I could trust an HPQ product with my essential data processing.

What is the resolution of the display?

HP product page shows as:

17.3-inch diagonal HD+ BrightView LED-backlit display (1600 x 900)



Per our Features/Specs, it’s

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Each laptop model can be made in different configurations. Manufacturer sites tend to show the most common specs.