HP LaserJet Pro B/W Multifunction Printer

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HP LaserJet Pro B/W Multifunction Printer
Price: $119.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Good Reviews over at Staples

Let’s hear some reviews on this printer.

All I’ve owned are HP LaserJets and I’ve never had a problem with them.

The video on this page is totally offensive. It keeps going and is on replay. I am trying to consider the printer on this page, but can’t hear myself think. I had to close out and forget about it.

I’ve had great luck with HP printers. But I have see a TON of “all-in-one” units where the scanner breaks. At least this is not an inkjet!

But, as it doubles as a copier, etc., it’s pretty cool.

I use one of these in my office and it has been a good machine. Works with Windows 8 and does what it should. Had some issues early on with wireless and scan but all good now. I think the drivers are all updated. Had it about a year.

I am ready to put it in my cart right now except when I read the specs it says “Recommended monthly page volume: 250 to 2000 pages”
I might do 30 pages in a month I would be using it more for scanning and copying. What might happen if I am not doing the quota it suggests?

It is an odd comment. I can understand the idea that if you are over 2000 pages, you might want a more robust unit. But the minimum is strange and sounds more like advice given to inkjet units where the ink might dry up in nozzles from lack of use.

It’s a range. They have printers for, say 100-250 pages. I sometimes only print a page a month on my LaserJet and it’s fine.

Nice thing about LaserJets is that you don’t have ink drying on the heads. And you can milk that toner for a while by just give it a couple turns when it starts to go low.

//gives the evil eye to my ink jet printer that is now mostly just a scanner.

I think that would be called annoying.

Put a post-it note over that part of the screen while you read the features and specs.

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Thank you for the feedback on the minimum number of pages. I will go ahead with the purchase as I concur that toner should not be an issue as it s with ink jet. Thanks!

I am not an HP fan by any means, however, I own one of these, and it is by far the best printer I have ever owned. No problems after over a year of use. I have gone through one cartridge during this time, and I found a great deal on 2 pack replacements that work great on Amazon. Woot out!

“I love it when Woot offers something I actually need and have been shopping for! Any experience out there with HP refurbs?”
That was my original post. Then I went back to my Inbox and noticed that the email I thought was a Woot notifier of this deal actually came from Amazon.com BECAUSE I had been shopping around yesterday on their site.
I mean, I love Woot deals, and the convenience of Amazon, but this is a bit creepy.
At least the NSA can’t (legally) monitor our cellphones anymore!

Manual Duplex, boo. Otherwise was going to buy one-- looks like toner (off-brand, but highly rated) available at about $15.00 for 1500 sheets (at 5% coverage, per ISO). (HP Branded about $65 for same amount.)

Can anyone comment on what ink cartridge this model uses?

It takes an 83A cartridge. I have this printer and really like it.

The only fail for me is when trying to scan thick books, the top lid/feed comes off quite easily, which is frustrating. That and you have to go over to your computer to have it scan.

I’ve been buying non OEM replacement toner and it works without any problems.

I have one that I purchased brick-n’-mortar style about a year ago. Works great for the most part. Occasionally there’s a wait involving the network but that could be an issue with my wifi.

I print/copy maybe 100 pages per month max, and the initial toner lasted about 4 months. That’s 4 months with some ‘coaxing’ on my part.

Same here … no go for me!