HP LaserJet Pro B/W Multifunction Printer

I Like HP printers but I would stay away from ones this cheap for any kind of business with any kind of regular printing, mostly because the toner only does 1500 sheets at around $64 a refill, that’s over 4 cents a sheet just for the toner. Not to mention that the “introductory toner” it comes with out of the box will only do 700 sheets.

For a home user that only prints a few pages per week then it’s a good fit.

I find the video a bit maddening, myself. You can right-click on the video and select “pause,” though. Don’t blame the printer/fax/scanner/photocopier!

It can be used in 220 volt?

This is South Korea.

Anyone else who got this get it 2 days after ordering it? I was pleased/impressed by that.

Unfortunately, my printer I got refuses to feed the paper and just clicks instead. Anyone else have same/similar issues?

Yes - mine didn’t come until Monday, but the paper feed is a total fail. Boo. Sent off message to the Woot elves/trolls. I sort of hope they don’t have any left and I can get a refund. The machine is much more cheaply made than I would like for home office use, and if they have a systemic problem with the paper feeder, best stay away. (Also the installation instructions don’t match the control panel on the model I received??)
Woot fail.