HP LaserJet Pro B/W Multifunction Printer

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HP LaserJet Pro B/W Multifunction Printer
Price: $89.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Time to check out the product page and very good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at BestBuy.com

Comments from a previous offer

Note the Significant Price Reduction!

Just because it’s laser doesn’t mean cost per page will be a lot cheaper! The OEM toner runs about $70 and is rated for 1,500 pages (at 5%).

(Thankfully, there are sub-$15 generics available.)

Note that it is a different printer!

This one does not have built-in wireless, has a different control panel, and does not come with a USB cable.

I was gunna say, I have a Brother Laser printer and the generic toner is dirt cheap and works just as good. You can print an insane amount of pages with their sub $20 toner cartridges. I really love laser printers. I have always been burned in the past with ink printers because I print in spurts the ink would always go to waste and dry out between spells of when I didn’t need to print. Toner on the other hand can’t dry out and you change it way less since its a much higher capacity which is nice as well.

Can someone clarify for me? The listing says:
AirPrint: Quickly print from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch—no setup or apps required.
HP mobile printing: Easily print from your smartphone or tablet.

Do you have to use a cable to connect to your wifi before wireless printing will work?


I finally convinced one of the locals to dump her inkjet (used for labels and receipts) and buy a cheap laser. She also bought a 2 pack of toner carts for about $15 each. The “starter” cart ran out and the cheapies work just fine. However, it voided the warranty, but savings over the official toner was enough to buy another printer!

Airprint does not require the printer to use wireless. But your phone has to be connected to the network that the printer is on (so it has to be a networked printer).

My printer is connected to the network using a cable, and I use AirPrint.

I’m not sure if generic toner would void the warranty.

I’d keep the OEM empty an put it in for any warranty service! Using non-branded stuff just gives them an excuse. From the nice article you reference:

“However, if you need to have repairs or warranty work done by the place from which you purchased your equipment, you may want to remove the remanufactured or compatible toner cartridge before bringing it in. That way you eliminate possible hassle.”


This printer looks like it pre-dates, or at any rate, doesn’t support “HP ePrint”, therefore will not interface with Google Cloud Print. Is that a fair assessment?

I kind of fear the lack of control HP ePrint may give anyway; they call it “convenience printing”, which pretty much means the printer decides how to print the document and you don’t have a say.

Just paid $30 more for this same item from woot. Sigh.

It seems great so far. Just shitty that this is like the third such time I’ve been bitten by falling prices.

This does have e-print:

But if it didn’t,
You can use a non-cloud printer with Google cloud print in this way:

Yuck! I’ll never get a consumer-line HP product ever again, let alone a refurbished one. You’ll be lucky if it fails while still under warranty.

I’ve had a lot of different brands of printers and HP hasn’t had a reliable printer since the Laserjet 4p in my opinion.

I’ve had great success with Brother laser printers, but they tend to burn through toner quickly.

I’ve always had good luck with consumer HP printers, from their old inkjets to the newer lasers. I’ve had a couple cheap Brother laser printers that were pretty decent also. I have had issues with consumer Lexmark, Epson and Canons were flaky.

The OfficeJet Pro K550 was a reliable inkjet, but I’ve gone through many, many models of HP laserjets only to be sorely disappointed. The worst were laserjet 1020’s. I’ve had several HP LJ pXXXX just stop processing print jobs despite showing their status as online and never giving an error. Print jobs would just stay in queue with the status of “printing”. Updating software, firmware, restarting the print spooler service, replacing cables and attaching them to different PC’s all resulted in the same behavior. I have a few Lexmarks and have been fairly pleased with them e260, e360dn and MS410 models. They do tend to have difficulty with some PDF files, but I think that’s more of an Adobe or print language issue.

we have one of these at work, printer cartridge capacity max out 500 pages, cost of cartridge is about $45 each.

The interface design on this printer is a nightmare, difficult to adjust any settings, zero options to set fax filters. Auto receive and auto prints faxes, wasted lots of paper.

I would highly recommend anyone to buy anything else but this.