HP Mini 11.6" Mobile Broadband Netbook

A couple questions here.

-Is purchasing a Verizon Data Plan required here, or can you just stick with the ethernet/wireless?

-Quoting the top review from Amazon:

*Verizon had to provide me 4 of these machines before I learned this lesson. Each machine came preinstalled with tons of adware and memory-sucking, outdated programs, including Norton Internet Security 2009 (despite having purchased the netbook in May 2010). Since the machine is more-or-less always connected to the Internet, or searching for an Internet connection, I experienced repeat issues with driveby downloads, which would exploit the preinstalled adware that came on the HP Mini 311-1037NR. I also found that the machine’s recommended RAM memory was insufficient for running any other programs along with Windows 7 Home Premium. Avoid installing any mega software bundles like Microsoft Office. Stick with a small word processing program or suite; or better yet, keep installed programs portable and do not even install them onto the machine at all.

Once I got rid of my Verizon broadband contract (after four machines I’d had enough and had to contact the company by letter to demand my agreement be voided), I uninstalled the Verizon software and it worked like a charm.*

How much gunk comes installed on this Factory Reconditioned version?