HP OfficeJet 5746 All-in-One Printer

Well, it concerns me that I cannot find any reviews of this model, other than one terrible quality unboxing I won’t even bother to link. Searching this model and even checking Amazon brings up the well reviewed OfficeJet 5740, but no comparison. If you’re willing to take the gamble and buy this, it is actually a little cheaper with free shipping at Target:


The printer came without any cartridges! Did anyone had any experience returning and getting a refund from Woot?

I’m sorry for the problem. Our customer service will have some options for you.

Thanks. But this is the last time I will use woot for electronics. You guys used to be good!

First, the customer service offered a $20 refund for the missing cartridges (and later gave $25 by combining the coupon code). An order on eBay for cartridges cost me much more. The other option was to return it — which basically meant lugging it around to post office and wasting another 1 hour.

The same printer was available in “new condition” from Target and Bestbuy for much cheaper.

Ah, that bad purchase feeling!