HP Officejet 6700 e-All-in-One Wi-Fi Printer

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HP Officejet 6700 e-All-in-One Wi-Fi Printer
Price: $72.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Sep 23 to Monday, Sep 28) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Solid reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) over at OfficeDepot.com

Reviews over at Amazon

Can this receive print jobs wirelessly from android devices such as a Galaxy Tab S tablet running the latest version of Lollipop for example? If yes, is this accomplished via an included HP app/driver or is a third party app necessary? Q&A on Amazon did not answer this question. Anyone have android experience with this printer? Thanks!

HP has an ePrint app for Android in the Google store. I have only used the iOS version, sadly. Works great, though!


Thanks for the help, it’s appreciated! I’m comparing this with a new printer which seems to have the same capabilities. I’ve heard some say they would rather buy a “factory” reconditioned unit over a new one simply because the reconditioned one is “now” less likely to have issues, even versus a new one.

Is the scanner operation on this AIO compatible with windows 10?

Has very poor reviews on Amazon. Think twice!!

Something really fishy with Amazon reviews. Says the average is 4.1 stars, but when you look at the break down, 61% gave it one star while only 19% gave it five stars… Ummmm… I’m not real good at math, but that doesn’t add up.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: skip inkets altogether, pony up some money upfront, buy a laserjet and save yourself a boatload of money on ink in the long run.

According to Microsoft, yes.

I would be wary of a refurb printer without knowing what was refurbed.

In addition to the print heads (which they almost certainly replaced), there are a whole lot of moving parts in this printer. For example, the scanner motor that moves the light, and the paper guide mechanism that pulls the paper through for printing, and the relay and back-up mechanism for doing two sided copies, just to name a few.

Each of these has motors, springs, relays, switches, and so on. Did the refurb people changed those out as well? Motors, in particular, wear out with age, and if they didn’t put in new ones, then you’re going to get much shorter printer life.

You can get a new HP 8600 for $25 more - I’d avoid the refurb and buy new.

Maybe one of the referbs you are getting is the printer I returned. This printer started working fine, but then started to jam. Then it did nothing but jam. It had a huge appetite and loved eating paper.

My suggestion is DON’T BUY IT!

I have not found one satisfactory review on this machine. Me thinks it probably doth stink. BBW

I purchased a simular printer and purchased nock off ink cartridges on Amazon for about 50% less then name brand … they work great.

One other thing at this price and size and weight it may not be economical to pay for shipping if you you need it repaired. Look at this as a disposable item. Brakes down, toss in the trash.

People still use inkjets when the cartridges cost more than the printer?

Flatbed scanners are dirt cheap and BW laser printers are 50?

If you are looking for ink for this printer, Toner Refill Store has good product and if you have any problems at all, Ian will help you out.

I have had 1 dud black CN053AN before but they shipped me out a new black ink no questions asked and all you have to do is ship the dud back with their shipping label they give you. Also ships within 1 business day…very very fast.


I know its not a great review (on Amazon, but who really writes product reviews for ink/toner unless they are mad) but I buy directly through them via a phone call. (Don’t think I should post their phone number here lol)

edit: I have the HP OfficeJet 7612 and it works great.


IT’S FRIDAY! Buyer is in an exceptionally chipper mood and bouncing around here like it was already 5:00.

She’s lowered the price of this printer to $59.99.

Take advantage of her good mood and buy ALL the printers.

PS: If you already bought, you will be refunded the difference soonish.

It’s not THAT large! But it is a nice looking printer…

You noticed that too huh! I noticed that after today’s deals came out because my printer just died and I wanted something dirt cheap to finish some work and tide me over till January (for good reason) and thought if I could find a refurbed all-in-one with wireless cheap enough that I felt would make it till then I’d go that route and, wallah! … this deal appeared. So as I was reading reviews and, after noting the same bad math as you, I looked around some and found other items with the same malady but the odd thing is they were all printers!

Anyway, Best Buy comes out with their Deals-of-the-day the same time as Woot and I always look at both sites and BB just happens to have a new “Brother MFC-J475DW Wireless Inkjet All-in-One Printer” on sale for $44.99 today only. And even though it says it averages 4.5 stars with 2,300 reviews, I’m certain that’s not what it appears either. But, even though many of my friends look at “factory” refurbished units as being better than the same unit new, I have the same concerns as those “tedkoppel” pointed out earlier plus I have a $25 BB Gift Card and $25 in BB Reward Certificates so … this time, sorry Woot.