HP Officejet Pro 8600 eAIO Printer

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HP Officejet Pro 8600 eAIO Printer
$119.99 + $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Ol’ MacDonald had an HP printer. eAIO eAIO eAIO.

Haha you beat me to it :wink:

I’m actually looking for a good all-in-one but my focus is way more on scanning than anything else. Does this ADF even have duplexing? no?
How sad.

Review on CNet.

$200+ at Office Depot. The purchase price isn’t bad. How much for ink? Smallish printers/MF/AIOs are now like Polaroid cameras used to be - they will sell you the printer cheap, but you will pay dearly for the consumables.

Says it supports 32bit OS only! Many PCs & Laptops come standard with Windows 7 64bit. Read before you woot!

I received one of these as a trade up from a malfunctioning lesser model, it seems all of that line were faulty (4500) I can’t complain about anything with this printer and believe me I have tried. I would call this a great deal and would by another if I didn’t already have 3 now

I have this exact same printer and it works great on both my Win 7 64 bit laptops. Maybe it means direct connect with USB because I use it wireless. Bought it for $200 just a couple months ago.

It does have duplex and it has great scanning with a direct to PC feature.

How is this printer for photo printing?

HP has the drivers available in 64 bit on their website. They maybe put that in the description because it comes with 32 bit drivers only.

Amazon.com has it for $117, plus free shipping.

I have this exact printer as well, bought it about 6 months ago. Still using the ink cartridges it came with, so I can attest that it is VERY economical on ink. It uses indivdual tanks for color as well, so you won’t have to replace all the colors because just one runs out.

It’s quiet and does a nice job. Its only drawback is its size, but I am not complaining. Setup was easy and I also use it with 64 bit OS with no issue at all.

Looks like it only supports XP in 32-bit form. The asterisk is on the XP (SP3) and is just redundant by being listed twice. Should support all forms of Windows 7 and Vista.

Actually it’s through onsale.com, not amazon and the shipping os $25 bucks.

Linky, please? The one I’m looking at for that price says $25.26 for shipping.

Oh, never mind, I see it sold out.

I’m not seeing that price…Amazon shows $262 plus shipping right now

You know the rules! Don’t post better deals without links!

I’m glad someone’s keeping folks honest!