HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 All-in-One Printer

FYI - This no longer gets full support from HP. They will send you ink and occasional firmware updates, but you won’t get any troubleshooting help from them. This has been a great AIO printer for my home office though. the scanner is a little slow but works great.

does this include the other paper tray, doesn’t appear to, but is it available any longer?

It is available on ebay Search K7S44A.
I found one for $44.97 free shipping.

Just received the printer. The printer was sent with some old depleted cartridges installed! The product page says it will include new HP cartridges.

I just emailed woot customer service. Overall I am disappointed with Woot so far. This is my first woot purchase and I am repenting it.

I’m very sorry. CS will take care of you.

I just opened my HP printer and there are no ink cartridges in the box at all

I’m very sorry. You can contact Image Microsystems and they should be able to help you.

If not, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.