HP Officejet Pro All-in-One w/ Bluetooth Dongle & HP Photo Book

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Recertified HP Officejet Pro All-in-One w/ Bluetooth Dongle & HP Photo Book, for $139.99 + $5 shipping
3 different products:[list][] 1x HP 8.5x11 Photo Book
] 1x HP bt500 Bluetooth USB 2.0 Wireless Adapter
[] 1x HP Officejet Pro L7680 Color All-in-One Printer, Fax, Scanner, Copier
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These are pretty decent machines. HP’s in general are always great. The only objection I have is that it isn’t toner :-/

Will this work with the hp iprint app for iPhone?

[Here it is on Ebay](http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?type=3&campid=5335897748&toolid=10001&customid=&ext=HP Officejet+Pro+L7680+Color+All-in-One+Printer&satitle=HP Officejet+Pro+L7680+Color+All-in-One+Printer)

Actually I got this back when they had it without all the extras(bluetooth and the book) and it’s really nice. I printed an entire semester’s worth of notes(about 2 reams) and just recently had to get more ink. In other words, this printer uses ink really efficiently. Plus, when you have to refill cartridges are only about 20 apiece for high capacity.

As far as refurbished, you can’t even tell. The entire unit is still covered in that new-stuff plastic that you have to peel off, and the printer even needs a tiny bit of assembly. I’m gonna guess that it’s old stock that they needed to get rid of so they marked it as refurb.

Just my two cents. It’s a nice printer for a great price.

Is this a standard bluetooth dongle (in other words, if I have a bluetooth equipped laptop, can I toss the dongle), or is it specific to the printer?

I ask because my EPSON needed a bluetooth dongle plugged into the PRINTER to work… and you still needed a blutooth PC. It was pretty stupid.

Does it scan a multi-page report? For example, if I were to have a booklet, could I take the staple/binding out…put the paper in the designated place, and have it scan each page without having to manually put in each page?

Wonder if it will print on printable CDRs.

yeah, I own one already and have never had any problems with it, so I’m thinking about getting another one to sit around for backup purposes. But then again… it might be cheaper by the time I need it.

ahh… but you probably do not get four ink cartridges, a photo book, and a wireless usb adaptor.

I am seriously considering this because of the ink, I am pretty low and this could be a good excuse to upgrade my printer and on top of that have ink, not to mention the bluetooth ability and wireless adaptor thing.

Stay away from these multifunctions from HP, the software and drivers are bloaded, you’ll have 20 start up items, the scanning speed is sloooow and the ink is expensive and doesn’t last that long

I’m currently using an HP All-in-One (55xx of some variety) and haven’t installed the drivers. Works fine, for the most part. Have issues sharing it across the networking and the scan button doesn’t work in Vista, though. (Have to use Paint, for example, to scan.)

I don’t get it. Is this color cartridge plus monochrome laser?

If you have some protection on your PC (e.g. Spybot) you can easily control the startup items. I would agree on scan times being rather long. I will say that it does a nice job of scanning multiple pages to PDF, but then there’s numerous progys that wil do the same

newegg has it for the same $ w/free shipping.
so this isn’t such a great deal.
i know, i know, you’ll tell me about the extras, but newegg also ships a lot quicker and is generally a lot easier to deal with when it comes to returns, etc.
and they return e-mails a lot quicker too.

Wow, who is buying 3?! Maybe business owners? Or maybe they just need ink cuz its cheaper to buy the printer with ink than just the ink, sometimes.

Well if you want to believe that Staples is going to sell you a printer with no ink in the box that’s fine. As far as the dongle goes who really needs it? The printer has an Ethernet port. Plug it into your router and access via Ethernet or WiFi. So what it really comes down to is a photobook vs the warm fuzzy feeling you get knowing you can return the printer to the store and get your money back if it doesn’t work or you just don’t like it.

Nicely put.