HP Officejet Pro All-in-One w/ Bluetooth Dongle & HP Photo Book



[Froogle](http://www.google.com/products?q=HP Officejet Pro All-in-One w/ Bluetooth Dongle & HP Photo Book)


Google shopping





Anyone else get an email from woot “forcasting” this woot off? the email was mainly about woot happy hour. siad not to worry normal woot off’s are still here and will see one soon


Really regretting the Epson I got last Christmas


a printer with bluetooth? so then you can pair your headset with the printer and talk to it?


I bought the same printer from newegg last year for around $115 shipped. It is a great printer so far. Can take refills from ABCink as well. Almost worth buying just to have a backup.


I have one of these, It’s great, never let me down yet. But just a warning… don’t put it on a wobbly desk. It’ll shake it when it prints.


I have one of these sitting in my office. It worked great for about a year then it started getting random error codes.

Finally got a code that we couldn’t clear so it is in the dead equipment pile.


bought this over a year ago,on woot,paid 145.00 then.Its been working great.When I upgraded to Windows 7,it picked up with no problem,great printer.


This is an INK JET Printer. The description could be deceiving because it says “laser quality”. Just wanted to point that out to my fellow woooooooters.


Look at the total sold and then look at the map.

the two state should have the same shade as there were only two sold.

Unless they create a shade that includes population in the equation.

Very strange.


Or it could be weighted based on purchaser experience …


maybe it’s by time; Texas bought first?


hmmmm…got mine early yesterday…


Maybe it’s because Michigan is colder…gives it that iced look. :oP


Maybe you should look at the map again. That’s Minnesota.


Oops! :o)

Still cold there!


How much was it selling for? What happened to the woot price thing that used to show up at the top?