HP Officejet Pro L7680 Color All-in-One Printer, Fax, Scanner, Copier

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HP Officejet Pro L7680 Color All-in-One Printer, Fax, Scanner, Copier
$159.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 HP Officejet Pro L7680 Color All-in-One Printer, Fax, Scanner, Copier

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Do not recommend. My sister has one and it’s nothing but trouble!

like I want to be ripped off today.

Kodaks, cheaper ink, longer lasting ink, and built just as cheaply.

HP Laserjets though aren’t bad but they can be overpriced at times.

wow thank god my card was denied or i might have a crap printer on order


Decent units. On sale this week at work for like 240. Eat ink like an hp though

Yeah… BOOOO for this woot. You can buy other models brand new for a comperable price.

This model is bad enough brand-new, I can only imagine the nightmare’s you’ll get with the refurbed ones.

nothing but garbage, i had one and it messed up in like 2 months, and the ink is really expensive

Cnet Editor’s Choice winner… that is why I bought it for almost twice as much a few months ago. Works great in my home office- no complaints.

The reviews are mixed over at Newegg. People either loved it or hated it. Surprisingly, it supports OSX 10.5 Leopard (one of the few HP All-in-ones that does)


Mixed reviews over at Amazon as well:

hmmmm… froogle link

You never know… refurbished doesn’t always mean that it’ll be worse than a new. A lot of times refurbs work even better because they get sent back in due to something wrong with it and they fix it to make it work again without the problem. Could be the reason why some people have problems with these printers and some don’t.

But… Like many of yo have said… It eats ink like an HP

My wife had one of these for use at her small animal shelter that she bought from Sam’s or Costco or the like, I REALLY like my HP all in one products but THIS MODEL was nothing but trouble - I made her take it back after the sixth or seventh time my wife or one of her volunteers called for help . . . definitely IMHO PASS on this one, I love woot! but this isn’t w00t. Add to that the refurbished status (heck, you might get her’s) . . .

If this is such a bad deal, where can I get a better networked laser color printer for the same price or cheaper? I’m in the market for one and nearly bought this until reading what you all said.

This is definitely a worthwhile Woot! The regular price is $405 at “the store with a yellow sign and people wearing blue shirts,” and it’s on sale right now for $385, so here on Woot you are still paying less than HALF of the sale price! I do not work at the store mentioned, but I do work retail and I sell quite a bit of these and the only bad thing I ever hear about them once in a rare while is that one (of the two) printheads goes out and needs to be replaced. But that is highly unlikely unless you print in excess of what the printer is designed to handle, or also if you go a long time (i.e. 2 months) without printing at all. The ink is about $15 for each of the color cartridges (there are 3) and $20 for the black. It depends on where you go. There are also high yield cartridges available which nearly triple the amount of ink you get.

Here is a link to the page yields:

And on a side note: One thing that these printers are/were notorious for is the plastic tab breaking on the ink door. However, HP soon discovered that problem after the printers hit the shelves, so they started to ship the newer ones with a thicker plastic tab which would not break so easily. It’s not a major issue, just a pain in the butt because then the ink door tends to fall open.

Since these units are re-furb’d, my guess would be that they have the new ink door with the thicker plastic tab. So no worries :slight_smile: …hopefully.

i say print out a picture of this printer and burn the picture. thats about as much fun as i have had with this woot

This is the best printer i have seen, i have it(retail and payed full price a few months ago) and i love it, no problems, i have use the fax, scaner, printer(draft,normal, and high quality), i have printed pictures on hp paper and they look Great!! i have no complains…it took me like 30 min to assemble it(i went step by step with the manual tha way i would not make any errors(
Personally I recommend it!!!
A+++++++ (The ink have lasted a long time even printing pictures(and its the included ink on the printer it is not the xl one)

HP cannot create a print software suite that is less than 500MB.

HP Printer software:

Modifies your registry
Modifies your startup
Modifies your Program files
Modifies your Start Menu
Modifies your wallpaper
Modifies your USB Cable
Modifies your Credit Report

HP offers an uninstall utility that is about as effective as Valtrex. HP printer software remains on your hard drive, even if you reformat it.

So, I’ll pass on this deal.

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