HP Officejet Wireless eAIO Printer

PC Mag gives it a 3 star review (with user feedback)

More info on the Product Page

Lot’s of not-so-happy customers (2.2 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Let’s watch this very thorough unboxing and set up [youtube=5f-zQMhpL4M][/youtube]

Lots of reviewers on Amazon are complaining of paper jams - paper jams everywhere.

I work for an office supply store, we get these returned daily.

Best Buy has it at 3.9 of 5. Pretty decent printer. HP ePrint works nicely with iOS/Android. The ink is 564 which is generally pretty cheap.


I bought one of these for my son some time ago and he loves it. By the way, if my son could own and use such a machine and it still works in his hands after more than a year, it must be a good machine. Oh yes, I paid a lot more for it when I bought it for him, so I think I may now buy one for myself as a back up when my current machine dies. How could I ever beat the price?

MSRP is only $99.00 and you can get free shipping. An “ink set” costs $45.00

It sells for $89 NEW with full 1 year warranty and free shipping.If you buy this refurb and add a 1 year warranty you pay $76. After reading the Amazon reviews I’d pass on both options.

It doesn’t seem to support network cable, just wireless? Cat5/6 support please. I was sort of tempted. Might make a nice disposable printer.

I haven’t had a lot of experience with HP Inkjet printers but they may have some of the same issues with generic cartridges as the laser printers, mainly that is doesn’t like them. the Printer at work always reads low toner even with a new one in it. According the the tech support people I have spoken too that is not uncommon problem

… and sometimes ‘Y’…

The 1990’s called. They want their technology back.

Soooo… what, exactly, is 2013 technology?

Cheep generic ink??? Just guessing.
I need a new WIFI printer but you guys have me so confused now on yes or no!

You win. We’re all done here for today. No use trying to beat this post.

NO! I need a WIFI printer also and was excited to see this WOOT. But after doing my due diligence … RUN, this model seems to be a piece of junk … They should call it a WIFI paper weight.

This uses the 564 ink cartridges which are the same inks HP uses in several of their Photosmart printers. So although this is labeled as an Officejet, it will do decent photos as long as you use a good quality photo paper. The HP “Advanced” photo paper is what I use and the photos turn out great. The “Premium Plus” photo paper is even better since it has a longer fade resistance.

As far as the inks…
You can get all three of the regular sized color cartridges for under $30, and the regular black for $10-$12. The regular color cartridges are rated up to 300 pages each, and the regular black cartridge is rated up to 250 pages (in draft mode.)

If you get the XL cartridges, the colors are rated up to 750 pages each and the black is rated up to 500 pages (again, in draft mode.)

Keep in mind those ratings are for documents. If you’re printing 4x6 photos with a regular set of ink, expect to get fewer than 100 4x6 photos.

EDIT: Oh and the ePrint feature is pretty slick. You can print from anywhere in the world (as long as you have a data connection) just by sending an email to the printer. It will recognize and print out the following email attachments as well: Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDF’s, and photos.

Note that you HAVE to first use a USB cable to get the printer configured on your WiFi network, but then you can disconnect the USB cable and use the printer wirelessly from that point on. In order to use ePrint, just go to the HP ePrint website from your computer and you can give the printer a somewhat customizable email address… "Wootisthebestever@hpeprint.com" for example. Once you do that, then you can print to the printer just by sending an email. It’s a nice feature to have if you want to print from devices that can’t use regular printer drivers (phones, tablets, eReaders, etc.)