HP Omen 15.6" 16GB DDR3, 860M 4GB Laptop

When will Woot realize these HP “gaming” laptops are not worth those prices? i can get a laptop with gen 5 i7 processors with nvidia GTX 970M 3G for $1200…

Really, you can even do much better than that with a bit of snooping around. I normally steer clear of gaming laptops, but the Asus line of ROG laptops have a few for as little as $700, which can be lowered through student discounts or coupons, which have a GTX 960m, 8gb ram and a 4700 series i7.

I think Woot’s just putting up the options they have available, the fault really lies with HP, they charge absolutely absurd amounts for their “gaming” laptops.

Personally, I’d aim for something by Lenovo, but after the few major security breaches they’ve had, I’m not sure I can recommend anything outside of the Thinkpad line. That being said, they have a great IdeaPad line which has better specs from more reliable hardware manufacturers.

I know nothing about gaming but…

I came from a 2012 Macbook Air and bought this laptop for Fallout 4 during Woot’s sale last November.

I love this laptop. It looks great. Great build quality, HP will let you extend the warranty.

The screen is a pleasure on the eyes. The touch screen comes in very handy.

Speakers are good too. Can hear Youtube videos from rooms away.