HP Omen 15.6" 960M 2GB, 16GB DDR3 Laptop

shenanigans !!

Not sure who, or why or simply a mis-listing. Yes it has a 256GB drive, and yes HP says it has a PCIE interface, but the drive in it was a SATA M.2 form factor, not a PCIE as the description said.

Also appears to have been crudely opened, since HP service will replace the rubber bumper on the bottom and this looked like someone tried to glue it back on - so maybe the previous owner yanked the PCIE drive and stuck the SATA III in it?? Or was it supposed to have SATA III and WOOT screwed up on the description???

Beyond that - looks brand new.

Missing the ethernet adapter.

Also - and this is the biggest gripe - it was about 45 days into the 90 day warranty when I received it!!!

Oh no! I’m really sorry to hear that. Since the item you received does not match the product description you should use the Customer Service form to report the issue and request a return. Also- if you are able, please include photos of the damage to the laptop as well.