HP OMEN 15.6" Full-HD Intel i7 Gaming Laptop

Buyer beware,

I quickly noiticed that the laptop was loading slowly, so I checked the configuration to ensure that the 128GB SSD and HHD were configured properly. This is when I noticed that there was no SSD listed. To confirm, I opened the back panel and to my disappointment there is no SSD in the slot. In addition the PC was not stable and crashed several times. I removed all the bloat ware and now it runs fine (slowly albeit) so I suspect that the one of the programs was the issue. I’ve emailed Woot but have not received a response. To be clear this is a good laptop if you’re willing and able to clear out the “bloat” and if they resolve the hardware issue.


Adrian Medina

I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Have you checked your email’s spam folder? Sometimes our communications get tangled up there.

Also- be sure that you are contacting customer service from the account you made the purchase from. The account you’ve posted this comment with doesn’t have any purchases associated with it.


Woot has an option to receive a call back for customer service issues. Within seconds of my request someone called and resolved my issue to my satisfaction. Woot Woot!
Very nice guys (and gals). Well done.

Adrian Medina-