HP Omen 15.6" 8GB DDR3, 860M 2GB Laptop

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HP Omen 15.6" 8GB DDR3, 860M 2GB Laptop
Price: $899.99
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Did HP finally figure out how to make cooling fans? Anyone with a recent HP laptop purchase that have cooling fan problems?

I stopped buying HP laptops after having all 4 of them develop fan problems.

I have one of these computers and It’s by far the best laptop I’ve ever owned. I paid more for it. Grab one of these and you won’t be disappointed!

You have to actually blow out the fans/heat sinks every so often (usually 2-6 months, depending on how much dust/lint/pet hair you’ve got around).
This applies to all brands. I fixed my daughter’s friend’s Dell the same way, but in that case I had to completely take it apart because there was such a huge clod of lint and pet hair in there it looked like the lint screen on a clothes drier and just a canned air duster wasn’t going to do it since it builds up on the inside of the heat sink, not the outside. I don’t think she had ever cleaned it since she got the laptop and it was overheating, running slow, making noise, etc.

I’ve had the fan problem with my HP laptop too. It’s about 3-4 years old now, but it started after I had it a couple years.

Blowing out the fan is no problem, but actually disassembling and reassembling to get to the heat sinks is a huge pain on these. IIRC, I saw a sped up video of the full process, and even the sped up video was an hour long.

I do the maintenance, the problem is that they become noisy after a while and fail shortly after for no reason. No amount of dust cleaning will prevent failure from inferior design. I own multiple laptops for various locations, same maintenance for every one of them and it was only those HP laptops that developed problems. It usually happens after about two years of normal usage. When the noise started, I’ve tried oiling the fans after complete disassembly to quiet down the noise, but seems like once the damage is done, it is done.

I am talking about ~4 year old HP laptops, but it was enough to make me steer away from any HP/compaq laptops.