HP OMEN 15" Intel i7 GTX 1050 Gaming Laptop

DO not order this, arrived DOA - no QC standards at HP

Funnily enough I actually managed to get one of these suckers that actually works! Sure, I had to install SO many drivers (it didn’t have any Realtek audio drivers???) but I got it to function! Was worried when the package came (the awful tape job was coming undone), but I’m glad to have something that isn’t my awful 2013 Toshiba laptop!

So, what’s the difference between this and the ‘HP OMEN 15" i7 GTX 1050 Gaming Laptop 8GB’ that’s $100 more? I don’t see a difference in their Specs pages.

HP has zero quality control on their refurbished products. Everyone who has posted on here to review these products have complained. My product arrived dead, as did many others. They are saying a lot of these laptops are 120Hz displays, which they are not. One guy got a laptop full of cat hair. Read the reviews on Amazon for refurbished Omens and you will pass hard on this. Most of these are the same price at Best Buy except they are new with a much better warranty.

I returned my laptop for a full refund and purchase it at best buy for $200 more, brand new, and it came with the updated power supply that fixed many of the issues these laptops had. Additionally my laptop now has zero bleeding in the screen where everyone who got a refurbished complained about bleeding.

Avoid refurbished HPs or you will have an RMA in your hands soon enough.