HP OMEN 17.3" Full-HD Intel i7 GTX965M Laptop

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HP OMEN 17.3" Full-HD Intel i7 GTX965M Laptop
Price: $899.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Thursday, Oct 06 to Tuesday, Oct 11) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I was tempted, but that off center touch pad means I won’t buy. Why does HP, and others, do that? Off center is stupid!

This is a seriously good deal. The difference between a 960m and a 965m is enormous, much bigger than you would think by the numbers. 1024 vs 640 streaming processors.


Cuz it has a 10-key numpad to the right. So the touchpad is centered under the keyboard part which is shifted to the left. Otherwise your right palm would keep activating it which would be very annoying.

I’m honestly torn between having and not having a numpad on large laptops. On one hand, there’s plenty of room for it and it does come in handy for work. OTOH, yeah, it shifts the touched.

most gamers will use an external mouse…

for $200 more you get a brand new unit with 12 months warranty versus 90 days refurb.

It’s shifted so the palm of your hand doesn’t keep touching it and moving the mouse everywhere.

Please share the link to this incredible deal you’re describing? This laptop new is $1399 on HP’s site.

I purchased this computer last time offered. It’s a sensational machine. I have one issue, however. Woot is saying this is “reconditioned” when it is actually refurbished. I contacted Woot about this and I received a non-answer that did not explain how they did this. Is this unit reconditioned or refurbished?

This is a Factory Reconditioned computer with an HP warranty.

The HP box that my computer came in was labeled “Refurbished”.

My first time commenting on woot, long time wooter. So, I’m not a gamer but need powerful laptop for productivity (PPT, Word, Excel, Video Editing, Skype, etc.). If something like this could run a power and speed hungry game, would it also be great for productivity?

The HP box that my computer came in was labeled “Refurbished”. Why the discrepancy?

Different companies call it different things. HP refers to it as refurbished so it’s HP refurbished.

We call it factory reconditioned.

You should know that the manufacturer’s suggest retail price is almost never the selling price. Best Buy has it for $1099. link

That’s for an Open Box. Says right on the page. Otherwise, Best Buy is at $1399

$1099 new, but it does say they have it available open box for $990

Best Buy. I just bought it new last week.

The way I read BestBuy ad is that brand new is $1100 and open box $989.99. There’s a certified open box as well.