HP OMEN 17" FHD Intel i7 GTX965M Laptop

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HP OMEN 17" FHD Intel i7 GTX965M Laptop
Price: $749.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days. (Monday, Sep 25 to Tuesday, Sep 26) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Despite the GPU being slightly dated (prefer 8GB over 4GB vram) this is a solid deal.

I’ve been shopping these and this is a great deal if you want a screen this large.

I just ordered this laptop, I hope I will have my laptop before 30th of September, because I am moving early in morning of 30th September. :smiley: Estimated delivery time was 28-29th September, but if i am not wrong exactly when I cheking out and finishing my order, i just saw that estimated delivery time changed to 28.sep->02.oct.

thanks for sharing - we are all truly concerned about your shipping date… keep us informed.

I second that…

I think you should cancel your order. Do you really think you have the disposable income to allocate towards this purchase considering that you’re moving? This is possibly a sign from God telling you to rethink your choices.

I got this same model back in July. Solid machine.
Warranty is only 90 days but can be extended through HP.
When I upgraded mine they were offering 20% off on their extended warranties and then sent me a code for another 20% off for 40% total. Plus, the 3 year warranties have a rebate that if you don’t use them you get your purchase price back at the end.

Can anyone confirm if the SuperMulti DVD±RW drive is internal or external? Also is Tunderbolt port included?

Per the specs:

Optical Drive: SuperMulti DVD±RW drive

[Edit, internal]

No thunderbolt listed.

I’m pretty sure on this particular model the optical drive is internal, on later Omen 17" they opted for external USB optical drives. If you take a look at this ebay listing for the same exact model, in a couple of the pictures you can clearly see the drawer, and one pic i can see the button on the drawer, in addition under optical drive the lister included a model number hp DVDRW GUD1N, this model is an internal optical drive.

No Thunderbolt in this model confirmed by this review on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/HP-Omen-17-W053DX-Gaming-Notepad/dp/B073WXNWWC but the Omen 17 does have Thunderbolt in later models

SIMPLE…just have FedEx (or UPS) hold the delivery at the location. (Assuming your move is somewhat local?)

Was looking at similar laptops a few weeks ago, and it was going to run $1,100+ with a smaller screen and SSD.

If anyone is interested, there’s a repair manual available here:

Looks like it should be easy enough to replace most parts after the warranty is up, if you know what you’re doing.

I’m very tempted as this has specs I want, but that off center track pad is stupid and annoying. Is there a way to turn off sections of the track pad?

Not local thats why… :frowning: where i can hold the item? how i can know that laptop’s location and company that will ship to me?

where is woot’s base location? right now i am in dallas (TX Plano) if the computer is near by, i think they will send it before the end of next weeks bussiness day.

I have an HP laptop with the track pad centered. When I type the palm of my right hand would occasionally touch the pad and I would end up typing in the wrong place. Now that’s annoying.

Does anybody know if you can turn off the back-lighting on the keyboard… I know it’s lame but I want to go dark!

I’m not out for a gaming laptop but I would like a backlit keyboard, and that’s what they seem to come on!

Maybe there’s info on HP’s site about their backlit keyboards??

This looks tempting…

Try this