HP OMEN 17" FHD Intel i7 GTX965M Laptop

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HP OMEN 17" FHD Intel i7 GTX965M Laptop
Price: $769.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Nov 06 to Tuesday, Nov 07) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I’m already in the market for a reasonably powerful laptop for editing when I’m not at my desktop, and this more than ticks all of the boxes (that combo of an NVMe SSD and a 1TB HDD is particularly great).

I have just a thread of my brain keeping me from hitting the buy button, and that’s the question of what sort of warranty it comes with. I always have great experiences with refurbs, but would love a little peace of mind buying this.

Any word, Thunderthighs? :smiley:

EDIT: Nevermind! I found it. I would love for a 12 month rather than 3 month warranty, buuuuut I think I’m still getting this.

Your credit card OR square trade might extend that warranty?

Last laptop I bought here was an HP envy. I was able to get a 3 year extended (if anything happens to it) warranty from HP. 2 weeks ago the touchscreen failed and I had to send it in. No problems except they wiped the OS. Microsoft was very helpful(!) in getting my OS back to 10 from 8.1 and even upgraded me to Pro from Home for my trouble.
My take is: buy the warranty from HP, especially if the machine is mission critical like mine is for CNC. And keep a full external backup.
This looks to be a nice machine at a good price. And as long as it’s FACTORY refurbished, you should be good.

There’s a link to a SquareTrade warranty at the top of the features. If you’re not seeing it, move to a device that supports flash.

I bought this same laptop in July from here. I purchased a 3 year extended warranty from HP. Don’t buy it right away though as they’ll likely offer sales. For me I ended up getting it 40% off. Also they have a rebate where if you don’t use it during the 3 years they give you back the price of the warranty.

“they have a rebate where if you don’t use it during the 3 years they give you back the price of the warranty.”

Can you tell me where you find this stated? This simply makes no sense as a business model. I could see giving part of it back.

So here’s the thing, while it says that it has an HP warranty I’ll guarnatee you that it doesn’t. Going through an issue with Woot right now on factory reconditioned Dell’s that I bought. The wrong OS was loaded on them as to what was listed. It said there was a 90 day Dell warranty. I contacted Woot first and they said they don’t warranty it that Dell does. Called Dell and they said ‘nope’ there’s definitely no warranty from them that the seller has to cover. This is the 2nd timet that Woot has listed a manufacturer warranty only to find that there is no manufacturer warranty. I think its safe to assume that this comes with no warranty either.

This is not just silly, it’s stupid, akin to saying that since your last girlfriend cheated on you, you assume all girlfriends cheat.

HP is not Dell.

In addition, I am quite shocked that Woot would not be your advocate once Dell said they wouldn’t help.

Your assumption is not safe at all. Dell is not HP. This computer is not the one you bought earlier.

Walmart is blowing out a 15.6" omen. It doesn’t have an SSD but the price is right to add one aftermarket.


Worth a look.

I think that deal is no longer valid. (Seeing only $899.99 now) :frowning:

But that definitely was a solid one, while it was available…

It’s an in-store deal. The online store link is to show the item details.

4GB RAM? Upgradeable?

It has 12GB of RAM - I think you were looking at the dedicated memory on the GPU.

With almost all computers, the warranty is to the retailer until you register the computer.

Dell is a bit different. You need to the ownership from Woot to you.
Once you transfer ownership, you’ll be good to go on that warranty.

Dell Transfer Website:

This laptop is a waste of time.

I’ve been looking for sometime, I’ve had HP/Dell/Lenovo desktops and built one…
I think the Lenovo T470p is a good combination… includes a graphics card, reliability of a Thinkpad without the overheating issues of a gaming laptop.

Amazon’s review states uneven heat distribution. That means the fans are going to be loud on this model. I’ll pass

Through the hard ways, I’ve fully learned that “Any HP computer is a waste of time and money”.