HP OMEN 17" Intel i7, RX580 8GB Laptop

The same laptop at the same price at Amazon with a free shipping:


Where is the deal?

Issue is, that one is “temporarily out of stock” :\

I really really really hope that this laptop was truly refurbished to a nice, long-term working condition. Previous laptop from Woot died after a few months, and the repair cost wasn’t worth the laptop.

Edit: Thankfully, this one comes with a 1 year warranty from HP. The other one only had a month or three.


17" with only a single drive and no optical drive? There has to be lots of room in there for an internal optical drive.

No touch screen. Only 1080 resolution and non SSD boot drive makes this a not so great deal.

I got this one from Amazon depending on your timing you can get it for $799 or $747


It is new not a refurb and it is an I5 not a 7 but you do get a SSD and there is space for a another SSD or HD I also prefer the 15.6 over a huge 17 good reviews also.

I’m relatively computer savvy, but not up on video specs, the pros and cons of intel processors, etc. If I want to get a reasonably priced laptop for my son to play games on (Battlefront, various Steam games, etc) will this fit the bill? I have some extra RAM chips I can put in to boost the memory to 16 gigs.

We got an HP laptop through Woot a few years ago, and the thing turned out to be INSANELY SLOW (even with the extra RAM we bought - I’d pilfer that extra RAM for the new laptop).

Thanks in advance for insights.

EDIT: No optical drive means this is almost certainly a no. Too many old CD-ROM games.

Bought the larger RAM version of this a while ago for less $$$. Seem like not a deal.

Mine is running fine.

Curiously, there is an optical drive in the pictures. As for an SSD, should be able to easily add one yourself (esp. if there really isn’t an opt. drive).

Some of the online reviews say HP ships a USB DVD burner with the laptop. Is that included with this version as well?

All computers can come in different configurations. Always check our specs.

This does not come with an optical drive.

I should have been clearer: the reviews say it ships with an EXTERNAL USB DVD drive, for no additional cost. So are you confirming this does not ship with an external drive?

No, that’s not included.