HP OMEN 17" Intel i7, RX580 8GB Laptop

Be careful. Had one of these myself and returned it a week later. The ENTIRE line of Omen gaming laptops with this particular hinge design has very nasty issues with backlight bleedthrough in the bottom corners. Many reports of people going through three or four returns before they get one with an acceptable level of bleedthrough. Save yourself the trouble.

I am really interested in this deal and don’t feel bleed through will really bother me. Any other known issues?

What generation is the intel cpu? The specs don’t specify.
What speed is the memory also?

Well, you were absolutely right. This laptop has bleed on all 4 corners and its super obvious. These things are heavy, as most gaming laptops are. If you’ve never held one before, I highly suggest it. This thing would be very uncomfortable to carry for any period of time.

Yeah the one I got also has the light bleed in the bottom. It’s not too bad but it is noticeable when playing games that are a bit darker. Also my laptop arrived with cat or animal hair lodged in the keyboard, trackpad and inside the hinge.

That is disgusting and I am highly allergic to cats. How is that even slightly acceptable?

Yeah I called HP and spoke to someone about it and they offered to send a replacement as I see necessary but I am ending up just returning it for now.

One out of every five times I try to turn the laptop on I get a system error. Woot has ignored all 3 attempts of mine to contact them. So annoying.

Hi there. I see they answered you on 2/16. Could you pls check your spam/junk folders?

If you don’t it, contact them again with a different email address to use.

Thank you, finally got it. Woot is offering an rma. Laptop won’t even turn on anymore. First time the issue happened I was able to access the system test and ran a 7 hour test that came back 100% fine, next reboot laptop was a brick. That’s really sad for a supposedly refurbished product to arrive broke. :frowning:

Never trust a computer that you can’t even access the bios on because of the computer detects an issue it won’t even turn on.

I can’t even format it to erase my files before rma, that is a huge security risk for my business.

Welp HP was completely useless but Woot is taking the laptop back. After less than a month the laptop is dead. The controller is detecting a delay in the bios loading and turned the laptop into a brick. Can’t access anything, simply power on, get blinking LED lights in the capslock key and locked out. Tried everything and support is worthless from HP.

HP wants a copy of the receipt from Woot to honor any type of warranty but would not accept anything Woot sent me as a receipt since there is nothing specifically saying what I purchased. I will never purchase an HP product from woot again, it’s been a nightmare.

Turns out the laptop that Woot is selling comes with the old power brick. Turns out retail locations were given an updated power brick due to all the issues the old brick was having. The new brick is about half as thick, much better cord and is a ton lighter. I highly suggest going to best buy and picking this laptop up instead of going through woot on this one. You can get the brand new version of this laptop at best buy for $1000 ($1100 after 8% sales tax in Philly)