HP OMEN 17" Intel i7, RX580 8GB Laptop

Woot is giving me a refund and was easy to deal with but this laptop had a lot of issues. The laptop would not allow metro access the bios nor would it boot up 95% of the time. There is terrible bleeding in the monitor which takes a lot away. The HP bloatware is ridiculous and way too many pop ups to deal with, so do a fresh install. It doesn’t come with any back up CD nor does the laptop have a CD player at all. HP support is a joke as is their website. I couldn’t get any assistance with the laptop since the serial number and model number are all invalid to HP. I would avoid all HP products on woot because their quality control is shit. Refurbished means it should be on working condition and tested. This thing had hair in it, marks on the lid and was broken.

Turns out the laptop that Woot is selling comes with the old power brick. Turns out retail locations were given an updated power brick due to all the issues the old brick was having. The new brick is about half as thick, much better cord and is a ton lighter. I highly suggest going to best buy and picking this laptop up instead of going through woot on this one. You can get the brand new version of this laptop at best buy for $1000 ($1100 after 8% sales tax in Philly)

Secondly Woot is listing this laptop has having a 120Hz display, it does it, it has a 60Hz display.