HP OMEN 17" Intel i7, RX580 8GB Laptop

Brand new at Best Buy for $999 and includes the updated power adapter where the woot version has the old heavier version that is prone to issues. I bought this from Woot and returned it same week. The laptop would not boot up 50-75% of the time and you cannot access the bios when this occurs because the system performs checks that you can’t overwrite and when they fail, you’re locked out.

I’m currently using this laptop to post this review. With that being said, these have terrible bleeding in the corners. It doesn’t bother me at all but others complain about it often. I mainly play fortnite/smite and some tech work. Really can’t beat the price for performance as this is better than a 1060 and has a 17" monitor and a 7700 processor. The really only issue with this laptop is the monitor is 60Hz and the graphics card can easily push much higher frame rates.

HP support gives me a headache, but Woot was phenomenal and allowed me to return the laptop and got a refund extremely quickly. If you’re looking for a gaming laptop and don’t want to spend $999+ on a new one, this is your best option online. There really is no competition at this price point.


A decent review without the:

No Buy! because it doesn’t have a Petabyte SSD, Hyperoctant Core, 180’ (yes ft.) infinity pixel VR screen, 8 Terabytes of RAM SO-DIMM DDR99 2056 Pin w/ 9 slots available, Titanium case, ATMOS 12.4 speakers @ 1800 watts with .000000 THD and Nuclithium Battery for 10K hours between Pu-239 refills.

And I’m sure I left something out.


Has any Wooter complained about the lack of color depth in a backlit keyboard yet – like “No 48-bit depth color choices for the backlighting?”

Had this model followed by the 15 inch model. Both had insane amounts of light bleed in the corners.

I stand corrected!

I don’t think anyone has? Although it should also have a superior contrast ratio of at least 30,000,000:1 so no light can escape the gravitational force or the possibility of being seen as a reflection on the screen.

Either that a fully immersive VR keyboard using thought only.

Finally, the travel of the keys should create an orgasm of happiness with each letter typed.