HP OMEN 17" Intel i7, RX580 8GB Laptop

Another good deal. When not in use, you can do cryptomining on it. Based on the current value, should pay for the hardware itself in a year. You don’t get that often with computer hardware.

Decent gaming at 1080p (which is its native resolution). Battery life is decent but during gaming, 1 hour is what you can expect.

I got one last time it was for sale on woot. It cost more last time but it was worth what I paid back then. This is a really nice laptop but not what most people would imagine when thinking of a laptop. This is more like putting a desktop on your lap. It’s seriously heavy. This is not me complaining, merely stating the facts. It handles all of the games I have tried so far, such as Witcher 3, Fallout 4, and New Vegas. All settings all the way up with no problems.
All that being said I do have a few complaints. First is the wireless card. The card didn’t work properly when I first got the laptop but after some work found out the drivers were bad so after updating to new drivers I solved that issue.
Second complaint is about the pre installed Norton antivirus software. I prefer not to have expensive resource heavy software on my systems so I uninstalled Norton. Immediately my system crashed blue screen style and when rebooted would not load windows. I actually had to reinstall from the HP recovery partition which was also preloaded. But it comes with Norton built in so I had to uninstall the antivirus all over again. Which of course caused another system crash and blue screen which killed Windows. So four times in I gave up and a month later am getting prompted to buy Norton because it’s expired and basically useless except for slowing down my $900 laptop to the speed of the Stone age. So I cursed loudly and went to Google for answers. Five minutes later Norton was gone and I haven’t seen it since. The end.
So yeah, this is a great laptop, I like it a lot. But if you want to travel with it think about something smaller and lighter, this one is for gaming at home.