HP OMEN 17" UHD, Intel i7, GTX1070, 256GB Laptop

It says in the specifications this is a GTX1080. Which is it 1070 or 1080?

It is 1070. We updated the specs. Thanks for letting us know!

Can i purchase warranty after buying the laptop?

Yes, I believe SqTr lets you buy within 30 days.

Note that SqTr does not sell warranties for factory reconditioned computers directly to consumers. You have to buy through an authorized reseller, like woot.

You can come back to this offer page to purchase it.

Be careful. Had one of these myself and returned it a week later. The ENTIRE line of Omen gaming laptops with this particular hinge design has very nasty issues with backlight bleedthrough in the bottom corners. Many reports of people going through three or four returns before they get one with an acceptable level of bleedthrough. Save yourself the trouble.

I want to buy but out of stock,Will it be available again?

Sorry about that. I’m not sure. We do carry HP Omens pretty regular so keep checking back.

Could someone say what the sale price on this laptop was for this deal?