HP OMEN 17-W252NR i7 12GB 1TB+256GB SSD

These are nice, but HP drivers/apps for these systems are busted & totally faulty. As soon as you update it - it’s 10 mins until you can boot into windows. You login, and you get a black screen. You need to rip out ALL of HP’s garbage from this system for it to be usable.

2 brand new ones, non-refurbished, of these I serviced. They both had the same exact problem.

Had this for 1 single day before it started malfunctioning. I plugged in the power cable when the battery got low (about 15%). But I needed to move it really quick, so unplugged the power cable. The machine didn’t like that; it completely froze and then BSOD’d. The issue is 100% reproducible too; If its on low battery and you plug in the power cable and then unplug the power cable a minute later, it crashes. I thought it might be the custom power settings I changed, so I restored them to defaults and it still has the same issue.

Sadly, Woot can’t replace it. So they offered a full refund if I return it or a small refund for me to keep it as-is and try to use the manufacturer’s warranty to fix it. I am really bummed because I just need a laptop. I don’t want my money back and I don’t want to deal with weeks of “fixing” at the MFG. Just. Make a not-broken product and test them before sending them out!