HP OMEN 17-W273NR Gaming Laptop

Bought this exact deal last time, and love it, with a few caveats. Provided these caveats won’t bother you, it’s a great laptop for the price.

Have since confirmed it’s upgradable to 32GB RAM (currently around $300 USD for the upgrade).

too expensive for “only” a 1070 GPU as well as no USB 3.1 C port.

Purchased this deal a few weeks ago. Awesome laptop. Runs as well as my i7 1070sc 4k desktop. Games run excellently on max settings. I ran PCMark and 3DMark and was pleased with the results.

Gets hot under heavy graphics load. I’d recommend a laptop cooler, or something to prop it up to allow good airflow at least.

Is the HDMI port 2.0? What about the mini-DP is it 1.4?