HP OMEN 17-W273NR i7 16GB 512GB/PCIE

Bought this same deal about a month ago, typing on it now, and love it, though there are a few caveats worth mentioning. They weren’t issues for me at all, but they might be for some folks.

First, the power supply for this laptop is immense, and mine has a very loose fit into the laptop proper – when I set it down on an unsteady surface (such as a lap), the slight rocking unseats the power cord in short order, or at least loosens it enough to require reseating. On a steady surface like a desk or table, I doubt this would be a problem, but it might annoy some folks.

Build quality is generally quite good, though the bezel around the display feels a bit flimsy. Good solid hinges, and though the underside of the laptop is plastic, it’s thick, solid plastic, with room enough for meaningful airflow to that GTX1070. This means that the laptop’s a little thicker than I expected, thicker than a comparable Envy, but nowhere near as thick as, say, most gaming-grade laptops. I’ve not had any problems keeping it cool, even while gaming. Performance is right in line with the benchmarks online for other 7700HQ/GTX1070 laptops, which is to say, nicer than I expected from any laptop at this price point.

Some folks may miss the absence of an optical drive, but I don’t. A $25 USB DVDRW/BDROM will solve that problem completely, if you need to work with DVDs/BluRays.

The keyboard’s surprisingly nice, and after a week’s breaking in, reminds me of the best qualities of the recent 17-inch Envy’s island keyboards. The “dragon red” backlight and more aggressive font on the keycaps are aesthetic matters, and whether you love 'em or hate 'em, I doubt you’ll be looking too closely at 'em, so what matters is the throw and the trigger pressure, and I’m finding these very comfortable to use, after the initial week-or-thereabouts of break-in time.

There’s mixed information available about the maximum RAM this laptop supports – some say 16GB, some say 32GB. I can vouch that the 17-W273NR does indeed support 32GB of RAM; I’m running it now in mine. I went with a Ballistix Sport LT kit (DDR4 2400 MT/s PC4-19200, part number BLS2K16G4S240FSD), and had no problem at all with it. (Other RAM upgrades may well work, of course, but I can personally vouch that this one did.) To my knowledge, these all come with the RAM access door on the bottom for much easier access to upgrade, so if you decide to upgrade yours, it should be pleasantly painless, easy, and over quickly.

You’ll want to check here for the service manual for your laptop. You’ll also note from the guide that this laptop supports both a hard drive and SSD, should this be of interest to you.

The SSD in mine’s a Samsung MZVLW512HMJP-000H1; and it seems speedy even when compared to other SSDs I’ve used. Folks on the earlier sale thread were concerned about recovery media; this laptop shipped with software to make it.

Really, really happy with this one, and feel it’s one of the two best Woot experiences I’ve had. This was a lot of laptop for a very reasonable price, and while it has a few rough edges (particularly that loose power jack, which I understand to be a problem with this entire series of Omens), the pros far, far outweigh the cons. This was a great buy, I am very happy with it, and provided that none of its caveats are dealbreakers for you, I heartily recommend it. This is a really nice laptop, and at this price point, I really feel like I got much more laptop than I paid for. Thank you, Woot!

(My original post with first impressions is here, for reference.)

Thanks for the review, rancourt. I thought this looked like a killer deal, and you confirmed it. Anxious for my Omen to arrive.

I took the plunge, Rancourt. I’m still a bit nervous because of reviews and comments I’ve read about heat dissipation on past models but I’m hopeful that with a cooling pad I’ll be OK. Do you know if this is the updated version that has thunderbolt and 120 hz panel? It doesn’t appear to be but wanted to be sure.
[edit]It isn’t. 4k panel is 60hz, no thunderbolt according to HP’s specs site on this model.[/edit]

I’m running mine with a cooling pad, and the extra thickness really seems to have given it the airflow it needs.

Also, yes, you are correct – no Thunderbolt, and a 60Hz display. The comparable MSI-branded version of this laptop has a faster refresh rate…but it’s also about $700 more.