HP OMEN 870 i7 32GB DDR4, GTX1070 Desktop

Does this have liquid cooling? Anyone have any experience with these refurb OMEN 870 desktops?

Sorry about replying to my own post, but I just received this pc yesterday and I can at least clear up one of my questions.

Yes this machine does have liquid cooling.

Other than that all I can say is everything works, I haven’t stress tested components yet or benchmarked anything but I’m happy so far.

Cheers wooters.

thanks for the info, i am still considering getting one. how it is cosmetically?

Cosmetically it is near perfect, all I had to do was remove a small spot of adhesive on the top, not even any scratches I could locate, the lighting system while not important to me works flawlessly as well. I’ve yet to find a single issue with it, performance, appearance or sound (very quiet.) Pretty happy with the purchase.

I ordered one and it arrived yesterday. Similarly, I haven’t stress tested it by any means, but I have to say it was the easiest setup I think I’ve ever had. It’s smaller than I expected, which might limit expandability, but given what comes in it, expanding it seems unlikely in the near future.

I replaced a Windows 8.1 gaming rig that uses a bunch of flight sim controllers, and for the most part, I just plugged them in and started using them. My Logitech G13 needed a driver to work properly, and I had to turn off power management for the USB hubs (which required a registry entry on 8.1, but was just a right-click procedure here),but that was it.

I haven’t had it long enough to really analyze the performance, but one game I tested got the same framerate with all details on high compared to it with lower settings on my i5 4690K system with an Nvidia GeForce GTX970 4GB. It was smooth running at 2560x1440.

At this early stage, I’m pretty happy with it.

This computer was not refurbished as HP advertises. It was sold, as all are presently, in Canada. Settings in place showed it in the Canada Pacific time sone and location. This caused problems until it was resolved. Windows also corrected some problems. I hope error messages that the boot drive could not be found will be not re-occur.

I’m sorry for the problems you’re experiencing. Have you contacted HP for assistance?