HP OMEN 870 i7 32GB DDR4, Radeon RX480 Desktop

Had to return this puppy !
I’m playing with an i7-4770k @ 3.5ghx and this Omen was not any faster in doing its tasks !
Took hours to download all the updates needed, and after that, the video kept flicking off, sometimes needing a complete restart !
That happened a least once a day !
No liquid cooling made the cpu run pretty hot !
With the 4770K I could open up over 40 windows in one browser, with the Omen…if I got to 20 without a DRAMATIC slow down in performance, I was lucky !
Also, using DDR4 2133 rather than something faster is something I’ve noticed that HP had been doing forever…which is… putting one component in their systems that causes the rest of it to slow down in performance !!
For a $1,000 computer, this is no better than my 4 y/o i7-4770K I’m using now !