HP OMEN 870 Intel Gaming Desktops

Anything but OS10 i would have bought it . So sorry . Just my opinion . I heard it all .

more of a Win8 kind of guy?!

How can you say a system has “the industry’s latest hardware” when it has a 6th generation processor (current gen is 8) and a 3 year old mid grade video card in it?

I don’t think the price is so bad for it but is is far from leading edge.

Heh. Probably from the original copy upon release. We’ve edited it.

1060 is not three years old. It’s still the current Gen. It’s also the third tier. The 1070 is 75% the price of this machine.

I still have one of the best i7’s from 2012 (Ivy Bridge). So age isn’t really a factor.

Which would be the better deal?
i5, add memory and hdd or i7, upgrade video card?

Don’t bother with this. While it might be a decent deal to get an entry level gaming PC, upgrades are limited. As well, HP, always poor in operational execution, sent me a unit where the hard drive still had the previous owners info on it. So now I am left doing a wipe and recovery when the kids should be playing games.

I would not use this case for a game box. There’s a stock CPU cooler, an 80mm exhaust fan and another one in the PSU. And no room for anything decent like a 212. It’s an OK price for a decent work box (we bought a couple of 7th gen i7s for work recently) but for games… at least these aren’t the AMD space heater models.