HP OMEN 870 Intel Gaming Desktops

For what its worth, I ordered one of each and the 870-224 actually came with DDR4-2400 instead of 2133. Not sure if I got lucky or the description is wrong.

The 870-119 came with DDR4-2133 in two 8gb dimms, fully populated.

Verified the MSI B250M PRO VDH below works for a replacement (and fits, with M.2 and upgradable to 64gb of RAM)
amazon new egg

Had to update windows to send the digital entitlement to a new account for the windows key, and swap out the mounting plates for the cooler from the one the motherboard replacement came with but works great, note you’ll need a star shaped screwdriver to remove the socket bracket, and you’ll want that same screwdriver for all screws on the motherboard which HP uses (vs a flat blade alternatively), and the board i list doesn’t have all features that comes with the computers (no wifi, bluetooth and only one internal usb 3.x port,which the case supplies 2 3.0 plugs).

Pros: Nice case, each CPU is well capable of playing games, the 1060 with the 7400 i5 probably has a bit of a lead because of the gpu, but the 960 holds up at lower quality settings with the 6700 i7 which has four more threads clocked higher (with 8gb more memory, if only one could swap gpus). Calculating the cost for buying just the memory, cpu, gpu and power supply alone (noting how overpriced gpus are right now) account for the price of each, so everything past that is bonus (case, windows 10, dvd, hdd/ssd etc).

Cons: The motherboard these come with. They are essentially identical and each have very bad reception of wifi, and dated keyboard only bios. The M.2 slot on the motherboards (each of them) is only large enough to hold the tiny wifi card, and cannot fit a standard nvme drive.

Meh: The DVD rom is kind of cool in that its vertical, but its kind-a lame that it ejects like a laptop one and you forcibly need to snap it shut, like a laptop one. LEDs on the case seem to use some HP specific connector, no reset button, hdd light. Power supply only comes with 4 pin pcie plugs, but thats enough for one 8 pin, such as in the PRO-VDH. Not a big fan of the motherboard board being installed upside down, I can be difficult to determine which way is up without looking at the usb tray on the top I don’t really care that much, doesn’t seem airflow optimal but i don’t know.

Thanks for the great info!

I just bought the 224. I assume this comes with 2x4GB for memory. Can you please verify? I’m looking to upgrade the memory.


I’m really interested in the 224 because of the GTX 1060, and I was wondering if the fact that it is factory reconditioned affects the performance of the compter whatsoever.

Max RAM that can be installed in these units is only 16GB? The spec page lists this fact. What if someone wanted to upgrade the RAM?

If you wanted to upgrade past 16GB, you would have to upgrade the motherboard as well.

Mine was just delivered today (60 hour turnaround? Holy poops!) and I was expecting it to be delivered Monday. It’s a dandy little machine that will allow me to play an uncomfortable amount of CSGO. Yeehaw

how many sata ports it has? can I add additional ssd without swap hd?