HP OMEN 870 Intel Gaming Desktops

What’s the prive on the 244 model and is it in stock?

Sorry. Only the 224 is available this time.

Do you know if the 244 will be back in stock soon?

Unfortunately, no. Our sales are based on what we can get from our vendors.

We did have it earlier in the week but it’s sold out now.

Not sure what I bought! Specs are for both the i7 and the i5 either way I’m happy but just wondering …

You’re getting the 224. It’s noted below the price.

I’m asking for the specs to be cleaned up to avoid further confusion.

OK both are stated as 224’s on the specs page. So how do I know what is a 224 and a 224?

OK just went back I guess I’m getting the i5 …

One was 224. the other (not sold today) was 244.