HP OMEN 880-040 Ryzen 7,GTX 1080

HP OMEN 880-040 Ryzen 7,GTX 1080

Seriously debating just getting this instead of doing a build. Very few negative comments on Amazon and one of them is definitely not for this computer (refers to 1060 GPU when this has a 1080).

I looked on Newegg and the best I could get for a brand new 1080 GPU with 8GB, was $750 by itself. Not including the 512gb M.2 SSD ($180), 2TB SATA Drive ($50+), Power Supply ($50-100), AMD Ryzen 7 1800X ($556), 16GB RAM ($50 - 100), Mother Board ($75-250), Operating System ($100+), Computer Case ($75-175), and Optical Drive ($20-30).

Just the GPU and CPU are $1300, plus you don’t have take the time to build it (I enjoy the build, but it does take time) and I do love that case with the removable hard drive bays. To build an equivalent system, I estimate you’re looking at over $2000.

My only concern is the “optional” liquid cooling. Doesn’t really say if this has the liquid cooling or not. If it actually has that (I’m sure it has some sort of cooling), that’s an even better deal.

Hi there. Sorry for the confusion.

Cooling: Active fan-sink with 4 pin fan control

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This is not a good deal, but you do you. Sorry for the late response.

Ryzen core with 2400 clock memory is embarrassing. Whoever built this had no idea what they were doing. You can build a lot better on your own for a better price. Contact me if you need help.

https://pcpartpicker.com/ is a great resource

https://pcpartpicker.com/builds/#g=390&X=0,133597&period=1y <- here are all the 1080ti builds (far better than normal 1080 card) for under $1350. I am not saying these are the best builds or what you should do, but these will all dog much better at gaming than the Omen, with a lot better thermal levels. Omens are known for their poor temperatures and subpar parts. The 1800X processor is very outdated and easily beaten up on by today’s standards. The memory is a joke.

Memory aside…Where are you getting a 1080 like that and that processor for significantly less than $1300, so that you can get the rest of the build to come under that price as well? I understand quite well how you can make a more efficient build with parts that may work better together. Based on a cursory look at it’s specs, it’s much better than a lot of other processors…I didn’t buy one of these and do a complete test of the build and recommend it…Just saying that looking at what all is there, I would consider it a deal and I could always replace the memory. If someone is a purist, they are probably not even considering a pre-built system anyway.

If I was going to build a system, I spend a great deal of time picking out the parts for compatibility and bang-for-the-buck, but graphic cards and CPUs cost what they cost, so that doesn’t change much. If I wanted that graphic card and that CPU, the only other things that change are what MB you get, the right memory for that processor/MB and how I choose to cool it and it would definitely have cost more than $1300.

You can get a RTX 2000 Super series card for $400 (2060) at the cheap end that’s comparable to the 1080, and $800 (2080) on the higher end that will blow it out of the water, throw in a intel i5-9600K for $200 and I’m just at $1k if I go top end, $600 on a budget. Say you spend another $600 on the rest that’s $1200-$1600 I’m not real sure how much you know about building computers or what’s currently available but just do your research.

I highly suggest watching Slickdeals. Pretty much any amazing computer deal or hardware is going to show up there. It’s a community based deal website where people post deals they find and others upvote or downvote it. I have never seen a computer on Woot that I couldn’t find better for less via SlickDeals.

For example, you could have gotten a OVERPOWERED DTW3 Desktop: i7-8700, 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD, GTX 1080 Ti 11GB for under $1000.