HP OMEN 880-068 Ryzen 5, 1TB, GTX 1030

HP OMEN 880-068 Ryzen 5, 1TB, GTX 1030

Received the PC today, which surprised me on the fast delivery, but the main thing that surprised me was that where there is supposed to be a section on top that opens up to access hard drives for easy swapping, there is nothing there, it doesn’t open. Looking inside the case it’s not made for hard drive swapping. It clearly shows this in the 3rd picture and was one of the selling points for me. Sent a email to CS hoping that I just received the wrong one or they can possibly send parts that can be added to resolve this. (fingers crossed)

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Hi there. Does it look like the photo? If so, I’m told you press this button to open:


TT, yes, that latch is on the back of the case and is for opening the side of the case. The picture you are showing is the 5th picture down on the item page. If you look at the 3rd picture it states “Three hard drive bays let you easily swap out storage” and “(2) Easy-access panels fold away when not in use”. This option allows you to easily pull out hard drives and exchange them for others when needed.
This isn’t on my case for some reason.

Ah! Sorry! checking.

Thanks anyway and as always, appreciate you.

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I’m told they’re supposed to be there. Should be two “doors” located very front and center of the PC and just lift up on one side or the other. No buttons or anything.

If you don’t see it, could you private message me a photo of what you do have? To private message me, click on my name and then click on Message in the box that pops up. To check your PMs, click on your avatar in the upper-right corner of any page and then click on the envelope in the menu that appears.