HP OMEN 880 Intel i7 GTX1070, 2TB Desktop

Specs say “16GB DDR4-2400 (2-DIMM)” but mine came with 1 stick at 2400 and 1 stick at 2133…be sure to double check if it is important to you.

Garbage. I wish I wouldn’t have bought this. It arrived with dead memory. Had to be sent back to HP, and quite a while later it still hasn’t been returned. Don’t bother with these if you don’t want a real hassle on your hands. HP clearly didn’t really test the ‘certified refurbished’ machine that Woot sold me. Very disappointing.

It’s a week later, and still it hasn’t been returned to me. AVOID THIS ITEM!!!

2 weeks later, and still nothing. DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE HP PCs!

Another week, and still no PC.

I tried to get a refund from Woot, but they said that since it was over 30 days from purchase it can’t be processed. AFTER they recommended me to send it to HP for repair. What a joke.

I won’t buy anything from this site again, despite having spent thousands over the years.

Needless to repeat, I won’t ever buy an HP product again either. Such a nightmare of a purchase.

Hopefully my credit card company will get me the money back through the charge refutation process. If I ever get PC (which I really don’t want), or money back I’ll post a final update here.

I’m so sorry for the problems. Let me check in with CS. Unfortunately, it will be Thursday due to the holiday.

I did receive a refund notice for the PC today. Looks like Woot has done the right thing. I’d still avoid HP like the plague!