HP OMEN Full-HD IPS Display Laptops

Wow. This is a great price. I bought a gaming laptop last year for almost twice at much.

Description says “6th generation Intel® processors” but according to specs it is actually 7th. And with bigger screen version you also get more ram. Remember no touch screen or dvd drive.

I also brought this exact laptop a couple weeks ago from here…only problem I had was it didn’t have the SSD. It’s also very easy to upgrade (ram or buy the SSD and install it yourself)

I was wondering whether they were referring to a hybrid drive that is a large hard drive and a small built in SSD. I used to have one from Seagate. They still make them but not with so much solid state memory.

The ssd is the M2 form factor. Much faster response times from these. Plus it has Nvidia’s latest Gen graphics family. I’d say this is a pretty decent deal.

How can anybody buy a HP?

Will a 2.5" ssd fit in the case?
Or would I have to stick with an m.2 do you think?

Are you kidding me? Selling refurbished for the same price of a brand new one before they were discontinued? You could buy the 15" version with exact same specs for $850-$900 at the end of their availability.

If they would make these in BLUE instead of red, I would be all over it!

I mean everyone knows making something red makes it faster. But making it BLUE makes it cooler.

Just sayin’

I am not buying a laptop called the
“Omen”. What’s next? A laptop called the “anti-Christ”? And the model number would be 666?

I don’t understand what you’re getting at. Currently they’re increasingly more expensive new, at best buy, amazon and other retailers. They’re looking to be around 1k-1.2k. Granted it is refurbished, this is still a pretty good deal in comparison, discontinued or not.

That’s the first thing I thought of!

[I’m buying a “Shiva 12” destroyer laptop and bringing it home in my Dodge Rampage!]

It could be a good omen or a bad omen. An omen is neutral.

Well played, well played!


Just received mine, but I got a certified refurbished instead of factory reconditioned as it was advertised… It’s my first big purchase on woot, now I’m afraid that they not going to respond my email and I don’t know what should I do.

Different companies call it different things. We call it factory reconditioned. HP calls it certified refurbished. It’s the same thing.

I just got mine today and the specs listed the 17 with a NVidia 1050ti but the box states it has a 1050 only. Is that supposed to be the case?

Thank you. Checking the spec and no ssd whatsoever, only 1TB hard drive. anyone with the same issue?