HP OMEN-X 900 i7, RX480 Cube Desktop

If ya look online for this desktop’s components…You could build it for about $200 less !

the max memory supported is 32GB not 16GB

There’s not enough RAM in this machine to back up their claim that it will run AAA games at max settings. To put it in perspective, my aging software development LAPTOP has 16 GB of RAM, and easily approaches the limit. If you’re planning on running modern games, intend to purchase at least another 8GB of RAM immediately.

Whoops! We fixed it.

Shenanigans. An i7-6700K skylake alone is $340-380. Basic bits and bobs puts this about 1100 sans case.

At this price a hell of a good deal.

Just remember the cheap oem motherboard, ram, and hdd when you figure the price. Its more like 900-1000 built like it will come and like a comment above will need more ram to function as a gaming computer now and more so in the near future.

Info on the motherboard, for those interested: