HP OMEN-X Intel i7, GTX1070 Cube Desktop

Hi Woot Community- Just trying to figure out if this is in any way superior to the brand new 900-025VR that HP has for the exact same price. I’m sure there is something I’m missing. see here

Thanks in advance!

They seem to be identical. EXCEPT of course that the one from HP is new, has a warranty and has FREE overnight shipping. Woot is not the better deal in this case.

The big difference is the power supply 1300W Gold Efficiency PSU vs 600 W (HP store)

However our vendor has agreed to lower the price so you can now enjoy this at $1599.99. Woohoo!

Way to go woot! Guess I missed the power supply difference, sorry. Its only needed if SLI was desired (adding a second graphics card to work in tandem). In fact without SLI the 1300w is kinda overkill. That being said, this is now the type of woot deal I remember.