HP Omni 10.1" 32GB Win8Pro Tablet

Can this be upgraded to windows 10?

I can’t find an definitive yes or no on the internets.

Thank you

Anyone know if the refurbs still include the MS Office Home & Student 2013? It isn’t mentioned here, so I’m guessing no, but hoping to be surprised.

Nope, no software; you’ll have to get that separately.

I got one, and ive gotten offers on the tablet to upgrade to Windows 10, but haven’t done it, but I’m guessing since they’re offering, I bet it can. Not guaranteed it will take though.

Actually I saw on HP’s own discussion forums that people have successfully updated these tablets to Windows 10.

The real question is have they fixed the Windows 10 issue with having to reinstall the touch driver for Omni 10. Touch Screen is pretty important for a tablet without a keyboard.