HP Parade

I bought it and the computer arrived with a ton of preinstalled crapware on it. I used it for three weeks, then went to run an old program off DVD and found that the DVD drive had never been hooked up. I contacted HP who had their tech remote in to my computer and confirm that it had never been hooked up internally or installed. He then said they could send me a box, send the box back, they’d fix it and send it back. The box arrived and it had a piece of paper inside with the HP address on it and a message that I’d have to pay to ship it to them. I contacted them and they said yup, even though it was their fault for not hooking up the DVD drive in this laptop in the first place, I’d have to pay if I wanted it fixed. I had to argue with the guy for 20 minutes before he finally agreed to kick it up to his supervisor. Screw HP. I took the computer apart, put it all back together, reimaged the harddrive with a fresh OS install (removing the tons of HP crapware that came with it), and won’t be buying another HP product again in the future.