HP Pavilion 110 Desktops - Your Choice

Check out additional info on the 110-314 model

Here are some product specs for the 110-417c and the 110-314.

If anyone REALLY needs one of these, definitely spring the extra $20 for the 110-314.

Beware guys, these machines have external power bricks, like laptops, rather than internal power supplies. Yank the power cable the wrong way, and it could be bad news for the connector.

Youtube user Carey Holzman has an informative video spotlighting a similar machine in the 110 series, as far as build quality and performance goes.


So, would either of these be good for the general internet surfer? The only things I would use this for is internet surfing, and then I need to be able to run music making software and be able to hookup midi keyboards and another midi controller box that does microphones etc. Also, does this have room to add a Blu-ray player/burner with the all-ready installed dvd burner? and the cheaper one has quad-core and the more expensive one has dual core, so wouldn’t the cheaper one with quad-core be better?

Also, why is the power supply so low of wattage?

Here is a side by side comparison for the two processors in the machines. The i3, even though it’s just a dual core, outperforms the more entry level Pentium. The reason the power supply is such low voltage is because it doesn’t require much power to motivate these processors and onboard video.

The optical drive on both can be upgraded to a bluray burner, there doesn’t seem to be enough room to add one.

For your needs, the machine would be sufficient, I’d suggest bumping up the RAM to 8GB though.

I would recommend this instead for $300:
http://www.staples.com/HP-Pavilion-500-336-PC-1TB-Hard-Drive-4GB-Memory-Intel-Core/product_1075767&cmArea=CIRCULAR. This has a better logical processor, better video processor and much better expansion possibilities (if you need to add a different sound or midi card in the future). It’s also new.

Don’t get hung up on the number of cores vs performance. Look at it this way…are 4 speakers always going to be louder than 2 speakers? Consider a Marshall amp with 2 speakers and a sound bar with 4 speakers. Different cores have different processing abilities. You want to go by benchmarking comparisons. Passmark is a pretty decent tool to use (higher is better). The computer I3 I have a link to has a passmark of about 4800. The ones that woot is offering today have pass marks of: 3700 for the I3, and 2100 for the J2900 (quad core low power)