HP Pavilion 15.6" AMD Quad-Core Laptops

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HP Pavilion 15.6" AMD Quad-Core Laptops
Price: $429.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Check out some Processor Benchmarks

Seriously? Come on wooters. Talk to me about the processor, memory, upgrading… something.

-One thing I like about this particular laptop is that there are 2 DIMMs for RAM and there is only 1 DIMM used that has 8Gb of RAM which means its upgradeable if the motherboard can support it.
-No Bluray drive but I guess with all the media streaming options today, its not so much of a necessity.
-A complete list of Laptop/Portable CPU benchmarks, note this processor’s score 3,357 (Top of all AMD Laptop processors)

I think this is the same one (only one color) but its hard to tell since there is no model or serial number listed.

Here is a similar model with a larger screen and only in one color. Larger screen usually means less battery life tho.

My 7 year old daughter would love the purple one-the problem is, she would call me out on the resolution being 1366x768.

Whats the warranty

While 1366x768 is not the best resolution on the market I have heard good things about the HP HD Brightview Display. It has great color and contrast. I guess it would just depend what the primary purpose of the laptop.

Welcome. We list the warranty at the bottom of the Features. This has a 90-day HP Warranty.

No LCD panel larger than 7" should be that resolution in 2014. The panels are not that expensive any more. It should be a crime to produce those panels that are 1366x768. You are right that the newer color and contrast technologies are also important features of the panel- but there is no reason we can’t have it all.

I just wanted to put up somewhere on Woot that I’ve been chasing myself around in circles re: restore disks and repair disk. This reconditioned HP I bought 2 wks ago does not permit me creating the restore disks plus repair that every windows product i ever bought typically nags you about. Think it has something to do with unholy arrangement between MS and HP whereby they are so gd worried about the OS being copied. It does have a restore partition but if the hard drive goes out makes that useless, no? Support has not responded to this issue and I’ve written twice. Think it’s because in the reconditioning process they use up the one-time-only restore creation allowed in said unholy arrangement.
Finally cadged something together, made a backup system image on laptop - copied it over to an external drive and made a win7 64bit repair disk from my desktop - no thanks to woot support.
But I would check this out before purchasing this current HP deal.


5400 RPM drive. Nope.

I have a Lenovo G505s with very similar specs (-2GB Ram). The processor is plenty fast to run anything I’ve thrown at it so far: it renders fractals well enough, The GIMP is pretty fast, and web browsing is more than fine. It can run some games, too–the 8650G isn’t as strong as a modern dedicated GPU, but it can run Skyrim and Bioshock Infinite at mid-range settings thanks to the 1366x768 resolution.

More specifics here, game benchmarks are there if you scroll down far enough, and they seem accurate:

The resolution, by the way, is really not that bad–you’re not going to see individual pixels unless you’re trying to burn out your eyes. My Nexus 7 FHD has 1920x1200 in a 7" screen, so I should be spoiled by the ppi there, but I guess I’m not. HD is nice but at $430 you’re not going to get it unless you sacrifice other things like the strong APU.

My Lenovo has a pretty weak battery, but I can’t speak to the HP. If you’re on the fence, waiting isn’t too bad–the G505s sells on Newegg for only $30 more.

In a nutshell
-Alright for games and day-to-day stuff. It’s not an i5 or i7, but it’ll do the job without keeping you waiting.
-The APU sort of eats battery, but there are different ones in the different models, so Lenovo may have just cut a corner.
-Since I don’t have the same exact model, you’re taking a gamble on keyboard quality, cooling (which can be huge), speakers, webcam, and a lot of other things with the HP unless you can find a review. Lenovo did poorly on all but the keyboard, and with similar MSRPs I wouldn’t be confident that the HP has it all in spades. The hardware inside is great for the price, but that’s the only thing I can say about this laptop for sure.