HP Pavilion 15.6" AMD Quad-Core Laptops

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HP Pavilion 15.6" AMD Quad-Core Laptops
Price: $349.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Thursday, Jul 31 to Tuesday, Aug 05) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Comments from a previous sale

Tempted to get one for Mom, but I’m worried that Windows 8 might be a little bit of a transition for her. Have they “fixed” It yet, so that it can do everything Windows 7 can do? It’s been out so long, that I don’t even remember what I had against it, but business’s and organizations still seem to be refusing to switch.

Without a lot of tweaking, it’s still a tablet OS. I’ve been using it at home for more than a year on a Desktop, but I had to tweak the everliving crap out of it, because the defaults are not desktop attached to a 27" monitor friendly. Businesses hate it because it is really geared towards personal and social uses. That may actually work well for Mom. It depends on how she uses her computer

Once I had it set up the way normal people use a computer, I actually like it. It’s fast and not crashy. I got rid of the stupid start screen. I can’t recall if 8.1 allows you to bypass it on boot now, or you still need a 3rd party program for that, but it’s easy enough to flip over to the desktop mode with a keyboard shortcut. I use Classic Shell for all the Win 7 functionality they stripped from 8. It’s free. There are many programs out there that add back the things that people complained that were gone from Win 8.

The initial set up screens are extremely annoying since they want you to either login with your Windows Live account or create a new one. This BS can be avoided by doing the first boot not connected to the internet.

Win 8 is basically Win 7 but with a tablet interface that is in your face. Once you switch over to Desktop mode, it will be familiar and work mostly the same as Win 7 but without the start button.

Is it wrong that I want one just because it comes in purple?
Yes I could really use a new laptop, but it’s the color that makes me want to click BUY NOW.

DO. IT. :tongue:

I’ve been looking for a laptop to use for online classes and schoolwork.

Would this work for that? I can work around a computer once I have it, it’s the knowing if a computer is decent enough for use that is my problem.

Thanks in advance!

If you don’t mind the Windows 8.1 operating system, then yes, this laptop will be perfect for doing schoolwork & online classes. The A6-5200 isn’t the fastest CPU, but it has more than enough power to handle that. Plus, the 8GB of RAM will help with multi-tasking; meaning you can run more programs at once.

For those concerned with Windows 8.1 there are settings that will change it so Windows 8.1 will boot to the regular desktop, like Windows 7, instead of the Metro Screen with all the tiles and apps. Right click on the taskbar and the second tab on the menu that pops up has these options. From there you can uninstall 95% of the apps that come preinstalled. As for the account sign up, IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A LIVE ACCOUNT OR ANY OTHER ACCOUNT THAT HAS TO DO WITH MICROSOFT. When you do sign into an account with any valid e-mail that you choose it attaches that e-mail to a cloud that simply saves your settings and personalizations (desktop background, remembers the apps you’ve uninstalled, pretty much any settings that have to do with Windows). The nice thing about this is that you can sign into any computer that is running Windows 8.1 with your e-mail and password and the computer you are logging into will be very similar, if not exactly, like your own computer at home, office, wherever.
On the technical side the UEFI bios make for faster boot times. If you’re worried about Windows 8.1 still, it takes a few bios adjustments, but Windows 7 can be installed. Even with this laptop being just under $400 after tax and shipping and add another $100 for a legit copy of Windows 7 and you are still under $500 and this laptop is well worth every penny. I work on computers for a living and have done plenty of installs of Win 7 for people not liking Windows 8.1, including myself. I have since reinstalled Win 8.1 and have gotten used to it and now like it better than Win 7.
Get this laptop, you will not regret it for one second.

Is this computer strong enough to play games like Sims3? My wife loves that game.

Thanks, that is exactly what I needed to know.

I admit, the purple sort of pushed me over the egde, but I did do some research, price comparison, and some rationalizing before I clicked. My laptop arrived about 30 min ago, and it is BEAUTIFUL! If only I had a signal at my desk here to snap a photo and send it to my friend to make her insanely jealous.

Wait…are you her? She’s the only other person I know who gets an itchy mouse finger at the sight of purple.

I’ve read about people having issues with some refurbs. This one arrived in perfect, like new condition, with even the plastic film around the edge of the screen. I still have to turn it on, but that won’t happen until I get home from work. In the meantime it is charging on the empty desk of a recent RIF victim. It’s pretty smexy.

I don’t know if this has changed in 8.1 - if it’s possible to skip and set up later, but 8.0 when it first came out, you could not get past the initial set up without jumping through the extra hoops unless you pulled out the ethernet cable.

At the time I had an existing account that I wanted to use but couldn’t remember what email it was attached to, and there wasn’t any “skip” option to continue without setting that up. Since I couldn’t skip it and couldn’t retrieve my user information without a working computer, I opted to create a new user account, and that was an endless series of prompts to set up apps and services I wasn’t going to use. I had one Win 8 machine. So the syncing account settings across multiple devices didn’t apply. Local Windows settings will save without the cloud account and work as usual.

I hope that process was improved in 8.1. That was really the most frustrating part of my switching over experience. A “Skip” option would have been ideal. Some people just want to get to right the OS and deal with the extras later.

This one’s a winner. Runs as good as it looks. I ran into two notable issues that were fixed after running the first batch of Windows updates.

High points:

There was surprising little bloatware.

I have an HP wireless all-in-one, and I did not have to do a thing to install and configure it. The laptop saw it on the network, recognized its cousin, and gave it a big sloppy kiss.

Win 8.1 seemed more friendly to set up than 8.0 was. Some of that could just be experience, but it did give an option to create a local account instead of using or creating a Microsoft account. That did change.

It’s purple.

Issues (easily fixed!):

  1. I could not initially connect to my wireless network. This ended up being due to outdated drivers. It worked fine after downloading updates. If you have this issue on set up, just grab yourself a network cable, cozy up next to your router, and just let the updates run.

  2. The settings sync didn’t seem to work initially, but after running updates and rebooting the settings were syncing just fine and saved me a lot of work.