HP Pavilion 15.6" AMD Quad-Core Laptops

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HP Pavilion 15.6" AMD Quad-Core Laptops
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CPU Benchmark

Time to learn all about the processor and learn all about USB 3.0

What is the specific model number for this laptop? I am curious as to whether or not the OS can be replaced.

I believe you have the wrong link to the processor. I think it should be this link. Big difference in performance.

Of course it can. Anything from Windows 7 on up or Linux or whatever you like.

We sometimes can’t give out the model number. This is because our buyers work for great pricing and the vendors want to protect their pricing in the marketplace.

Our photos and specs are accurate and should be used for your buying decision.

What is the maximum amount of RAM that it can be expanded to?

How would this laptop work for medium level gaming?

From the specs:

(2 memory slots, user accessible)

What is the RAM frequency?

?..Yeah, I can read. So does that mean max RAM is 16GB?

Does this machine have a touch screen?

It does not.

We’ve stretched our Google-fu to max and can’t find an answer to that question. :frowning:

Thanks! Looks like a decent machine for the price otherwise. 8.1 just seems like it would suck without touch.

The answer to the question of max memory capacity is fairly simple. The Specs provide 2 slots, with one slot populated by an 8GB RAM module. That shows it can handle, at a minimum, 2x8GB = 16GB of memory. This is a value laptop, not leading the technical vanguard, so it may be safely assumed the maximum memory capability is 2x8GB = 16GB of total memory.

However, Max Memory and Memory Frequency are two categories important to list in your System Specs. I have passed over personally purchasing here and recommending to others a few times due to the lack of this information.

For Woot, since they seem to need to hide the model #, it might help to take the laptop model number and visit HP’s Support site for their ‘Specifications’ list.

It may further help to research the motherboard system specs through HP’s Support site or to provide this information in the Woot Specs to allow those of us interested to search for it. Additionally, it may help to contact Woot’s supplier point of contact and ask them.

Not so much. I have been using Win 8/8.1 for over a year now and have gotten quite used to its interface. The 8.1 improvement helped. Mouse movements replace finger gestures. I tend to use a mouse and not rely on the touchpad, and wouldn’t recommend relying on the touchpad since I suspect that may add an additional layer of difficulty to the Win8.1 interface.

8.1 Works much better now without touch. They fixed a lot of issues I was having with it with the .1 patches.

I do think the network connectivity on this thing sucks. 10/100 Lan and a wifi card that most likely is 150Mbs max…