HP Pavilion 15.6" Intel Quad-Core Laptop

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HP Pavilion 15.6" Intel Quad-Core Laptop
Price: $269.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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CPU Benchmarke

Time to learn all about the processor

Anyone else remember when Woot was fantastic, and the comment section was truly worth its time?


Woa! A wild Pentium appeared!

Less complaining, more commenting.

Yes and I miss it.

Pavilion 15-R011DX Product Support

Pavilion 15-R011DX Maintenance and Service Guide

So share your thoughts on this computer, please.

I have bought two of these through Woot. One lasted about 2 years when the fan went out, the other is still chugging along.

Now I could have fixed the fan on the other but by then it was a spare so I just didn’t bother.

My Wife is still using hers with no issues. Web stuff and Office stuff.

These are not top of the line, wont play games but are workhorses for someone who doesn’t need serious graphics or CPU.

The screen is nice and clear and having the number pad on the right is a plus for my wife.

Now these do run 8.1 which can be frustrating but I found some simple tricks make it very easy to deal with. Still easier than the DOS to Windows change. (Now that was an Outcry of epic proportions)

It is a good price, decent machine if your expectations are where they need to be.

I don’t think you got this exact laptop. The processor N3520 launch date was 12/1/13. Which means it probably didn’t show up on the market in a laptop for at least another 3 months after that (so you couldn’t have had this for 2 years).

You are correct, I have the AMD Quad-Core A6-3420M processor.

The N3520 is a quad core, but it’s basically an Atom quad core. It’s passmark is 1852 which isn’t horrible, especially considering the TDP of the processor is only 7.5 watts. This is basically top end Core 2 duo performance using little power. The most bang for your buck would be to spend like $60-$120 and image and change out the HD to a SSD (120GB-240GB). Don’t expect to do any sort of gaming on this integrated video- I don’t even think I would recommend this for minecraft. Think of this as an over-grown net book with more power. Fine for office apps and 90% of stuff people do on a daily basis (browsing, facebook, email).

does anyone have experience in upgrading the ram and the HD on these HP 15s?

Ah, DOS…now those were the days!

That’s two separate questions.

I still find lots of stuff I need and really use. I have this incredible LED flashlight that I thank Woot for every time I use it.

And now, three of my computers and one tablet all came from Woot.

And who can forget the Smurf-blue “Forever Lazy” semi-longjohns which help immensely in MN winters? They go well with the flashlight.

And there are a lot of clever comments as well and watchdog posts about pricing. These usually appear after I have placed an order.

So, you see, Woot is more than a place to shop…it’s a public service. (kinda)

What about streaming video?

Sorry, not the RAM but have upgraded the hard drive to an SSD. The first SSD I put in was an Intel and wasn’t recognized; the second was a Crucial and it worked fine. Be forewarned this laptop is difficult to disassemble. The power button and mousepad connectors are very fragile and in fact the power button no longer works on the first one I bought … which is why I’m buying another one today. :wink: The upgraded SSD made a big difference in performance.