HP Pavilion 15.6" Intel Quad-Core Laptop

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HP Pavilion 15.6" Intel Quad-Core Laptop
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Time to learn all about the processor

Perfect for the college kid who needs a reliable Intel processor for basic school work. Though there are purest out there who wouldn’t recommend this laptop for anyone, it’s an inexpensive alternative to those $500-$800 laptops that add a little more speed. I’m in for one at this price.

Pavilion 15-R011DX Product Support

Pavilion 15-R011DX Maintenance and Service Guide


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This would cover basic school work fine. Most college kids go beyond the basic school work with regard to how they use their computers. My 9 year old can find ways to work his 4th gen I5 with 8GB ram and ssd. When he’s running minecraft doing screen capture in full 1080P (so that he can demonstrate his mods)- it definitely challenges that CPU. This is fine for office, email, facebook, Netflix, simple photo editing most of what people do most of the time. Unfortunately, college students usually tax a laptop with games, and are notorious for running a slew of ancillary background programs (Itunes, Pandora…) that they will quickly deplete the resources of this laptop. So this might be great for certain individuals, I would not recommend this for students.

Would this be any good for coding with Visual Studio 2013?

My Daughter has a MacBook Pro with 8GB ram and Intel i5. She’s a Junior graphic design major and runs Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign at the same time and she complains all the time about how slow her laptop is. Kids… You can’t please them!

Yes, it will do just fine with Visual Studio. Just close other programs when running it.

I honestly don’t think so. Even if the code does run on this, you will quickly outgrow it.

It’s a bit of an over generalization, but look for an i5 (A8) or better to which you can upgrade the ram to 16MB and the value will be there longer.

Business class laptops do not have separate memory for intense graphics. They share the existing memory, which is not good.

Macs have more separate memory as do PC “digital workstations.” And I suspect gaming systems do for the same reason.

I think you mean you would not suggest it for students who are gamers.

NO - I mean I would not suggest it for college students at all. I clean enough laptops from nieces, nephews and friends to know what college kids run on their systems. This is definitely not worthy of any gaming, and it will get taxed with the multitude of background programs/apps that college students install.